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It began with a simple concept: use all natural, USA farmed ingredients to produce an absolutely delicious, healthy dog treat that is proudly made in the USA. That’s how It’s Purely Natural® was born. Because we care deeply about your pet, we choose every ingredient of It’s Purely Natural based on an unwavering commitment to health and quality. To preserve the freshness naturally, every It’s Purely Natural treat undergoes a slow cooking process for a delicious crunch that dogs can’t resist. Don’t be fooled by “soft” jerky treats claiming to be natural and healthy, as they contain vegetable glycerin and other preservatives you’ll never find in any Loving Pets product. My mom said it best: “If you’ve never heard of an ingredient, it probably isn’t natural”. It’s Purely Natural treats have no additives, by-products or artificial preservatives and are glycerin, gluten, soy and wheat free. It’s Purely Natural – the name says it all.