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Since our inception in 2005, Loving Pets® remains true to the original vision of offering pets and the people that love them high-quality, healthy, and affordable pet treats, bowls, and accessories. Loving Pets leads the pet industry by:


  1. Manufacturing and producing dog and cat treats made with only 100% all-natural, high-quality ingredients, designed with the pet’s health in mind.
  2. Innovating the industry with decorative and functional pet feeding accessories made with durable, high-quality and easy to clean materials.
  3. Offering a proprietary Tested in the USA program that certifies the quality and safety of each of our treats.
  4. Focusing on customer satisfaction and product innovation through creative and healthy treat combinations, as well as innovative, eco-friendly and solution-oriented bowls, accessories and designs.
  5. Supporting our global, pet-loving community by educating pet owners on the benefits of 100% all-natural ingredients, donating to pet shelters, rescues and pet-related causes across the USA, supporting not-for-profit organizations like Pets for Vets, and creating jobs and additional quality control by manufacturing our own Made in the USA treats on-site in New Jersey.

Lou Dalwin, the grandfather of Loving Pets’ Founder and President Eric Abbey, was one of the original founding members of APPMA (now APPA). Working for Aquarium Stock Company, an aquatic company founded in the early 1900’s, Lou took over that business around 1930 and owned it through the 1980’s. Aquarium Stock Company was a whole city block in Manhattan and had over 10,000 aquariums and aquatic products. Before there was a New York Aquarium, bus and school tours used to visit ASC to learn about fish, plants and aquatic species; ASC partnered with the Sears Roebuck catalog starting in the 1950s, so for the first time, people could order aquatic products including live fish all over the United States; Eric’s father, Kenneth Abbey worked for Lou (his father in law), and then launched Petcetera in 1972 and operated that until 2006. Eric started working with his father in 1994 doing sales, marketing and product development. Eric’s mother is a world-reknowned nutritionist, radio show host, researcher, and author and was a huge influence on him and his education about healthy, all-natural ingredients and their corresponding health benefits, which translates every day into the ingredients chosen for Loving Pets treats.

Eric stays committed to the pet industry due to the incredible people and the industry itself – “Our industry is unique in that there is always a positive energy from the development level to the manufacturing level to the store level to the end-consumer,” states Eric Abbey. “It’s full of passionate and creative people that care about pets.”

USA Manufacturing

New onsite manufacturing right here in New Jersey has been an important evolution for Loving Pets, not only to bring manufacturing back to the United States from an ingredients, products and quality control perspective, but also to provide jobs and help do our small part to support the U.S. economy. Loving Pets is committed to supporting pet specialty retail partners and independent pet product retailers because they have been the foundation of this industry for generations.

The Future and Innovation

Loving Pets takes the time to really listen to its retail partners and end-customers and pet-parents, as this is critical to staying in touch with new discoveries and correlations between nutritional health, wellness and the human-animal bond. Staying committed to quality and staying true to focus is key. What is going to be the biggest challenge for the next Generation is to stay innovative, and continue to be one step ahead of consumer/pet trends.

It’s been very important to Eric to not only be a leader and an innovator in the pet industry, but also to make life better for pets and the people that love them. Pets are an incredibly important part of the every day lives of Eric and the Loving Pets team, and as more is learned about nutrition, ingredients, quality, the human-animal bond, diet, exercise, and lifestyle, Loving Pets works hard to remain at the forefront of delivering this innovation, quality and nutrition for years to come.