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listening dogOver the years, we have received countless emails, letters and posts praising our products and sharing the heartfelt, amusing and silly antics our furry family members will carry out for Loving Pets® products. Receiving stories, photos and videos from you is what inspires us to continue to innovate and create new solutions for pets and the people that love them. After all, your pets’ health and happiness is Loving Pets’ #1 priority.

Some of our favorite stories can be found below. We hope you find them as entertaining as we do.

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My baby LOVES chicken treats!!!!!! He eats gourmet wraps or strips everyday! And as soon as he sees me grabbing the package, his face lights up! Sooooo cute! Thanks for the great product, and I am glad that I happen to live really close to your store:)


 I can’t begin to explain how much my golden LOVES your Chicken and Sweet Potato treats. I picked some up as samples at the “Because Your Dog is Worth It Too” day several years ago. Since then, Spencer will lay in the darkness of the room where we keep the Loving Pets treats. If he wants a treat, he will stare at you until you ask him what he wants. Then, he will walk into the other room and stare at the door where the treats are kept. Once we open the door, he sticks his nose in and puts it onto the blue and orange colored bag. We jokingly refer to them as his “heroin” treats because we have never ever seen him react to a treat like he does for yours. I recommend him as your new poster “dog” because his reaction and willingness to do what ever is needed to get a Chicken/Sweet Potato treat, is priceless!


My dog Bob gets a Gourmet Chicken and Apple Wrap daily. Normally he is not protective, except for the spot on my lap. But when he gets his wrap he turns into a different dog. Apparently this wrap is something to be treasured and safely guarded until he’s ready to savor every bite. As soon as he gets his treat he looks for a place to bury it and then stands guard over it, he actually stood guard one time for an hour and a half. No kidding, he would unbury it, take a few licks and then cover it back up. If anyone of us looks at him while he does this, he will immediately dig it up and find a new hiding place. Once he is ready to enjoy his snack, he digs it up and enjoys it for as long as he can. It is a treat for me to watch him enjoy his Gourmet Chicken & Apple wrap. Thanks.


“I received a sample of this treat about a week ago…. I have a small dog that is very picky about his treats and he absolutely fell in love with these treats. I was impressed with the quality, size, ingredients, smell and overall appearance of the treat. I was most impressed with the label on the treat that stated, “no by-products, no preservatives.” I will definitely purchase these treats for my dog in the future!”


“… I have been purchasing your Gourmet All Natural Premium Duck Filet for my dog. This is the first, and only treat he has ever willingly eaten – he adores it… My dog is so enthralled with your product, he dug out the empty 4 oz. packet and carried it around for hours… I think you have a hit here!!”

Donna – Goodyear, Arizona

“We have bought your gourmet meat sticks since our puppy was one month old… Our dog is 3 years old now and your meat sticks are the only treat our dog can have that doesn’t upset his stomach… We buy Gourmet Meat Sticks in all 5 flavors.”

Cathy – Merrick, NY