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Bamboo Goes to the Dogs

Bambu_Bowls_ProductLineLoving Pets’ Bambú Bowls™ offer eco-friendly option in pet feeding dishes.

CRANBURY, NJ (November 1, 2013) - Bamboo is now used in a wide variety of human products. Now pets can enjoy the wonderful, natural qualities of bamboo products with Loving Pets’ new Bambú Bowls™ for dogs and cats. This environmentally responsible bowl is made only from bamboo and cornstarch.

BambúBowls™ are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, yet are incredibly durable and dishwasher safe. Its skid resistant rubber feet (round bowl only) prevent sliding and tipping, while its convenient side cut outs allow for easy pick-up for human hands.

Bamboo is not only the most abundantly sustainable and renewable resource in the world, but its natural antibacterial properties make it an ideal choice for food and water dishes. Using a mechanical crushing technique, the raw bamboo material used in Bambú Bowls™ do not undergo any chemical treatments. It is truly the earth-friendly choice in feeding dishes for eco-conscious pet parents.

Bambú Bowls™ are available in 3 colors for dogs (Cabernet, Chocolate, and Oatmeal) and 2 colors for cats (Oatmeal and Cabernet). The cat bowl’s heart shape design is ideal for whisker sensitivity, while the dog bowl’s circular design offers 4 sizes for any breed.

Bambú Bowls™ are available at,, and select pet specialty retailers nationwide. To find a retailer near you, please visit the Loving Pets Store Locator on their website.

LOVING PETS is a leader in the pet industry, dedicated to providing its customers with high quality, all-natural and affordable pet products.  With U.S. and international distribution, every product in Loving Pets’ growing assortment of 100% all natural rawhides, gourmet premium vitamin-enhanced meat snacks, and patented stainless steel bowls undergoes a proprietary Tested in the USA certification, guaranteeing our unique commitment to providing our customers with the best. Dedication to quality ingredients, innovation, and affordability set Loving Pets apart from the competition.