Bella Roma Travel Single Bowl - Blue

$7.49 - $11.49
When you're traveling, exercising or spending time outdoors with your pooch, having a collapsible dog bowl to keep your pup hydrated and well-fed is extremely helpful. Our foldable convenient Bella Roma travel bowls will help ensure your furry friend is content and comfortable wherever they may accompany you, whether its around the block or around the world. With a Bella Roma Blue Travel Bowl from Loving Pets, feeding time for your pup will be as simple as it is at home. Our travel bowls can go from storing dry dog food to standing up to create an elevated feeding station anywhere.

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  • Convenient Bella Roma Travel Bowls From Loving Pets 

    Bella Roma Blue Travel Bowls from Loving Pets are foldable, bisphenol A (BPA)-free and dishwasher safe, and they store dry food easily with their integrated locking lids. You'll be able to keep dog treats in the bowl while saving space for extra supplies. Features include:

    • A free carabiner to hang from a leash, belt loop, purse or backpack.
    • Flat packing capabilities.
    • Lid-to-legs conversion for support.
    • An integrated locking lid for easy food storage.

    The Bella Roma Blue Travel Bowl's lid is not water-tight, so we don't recommend storing liquids or foods with gravy.

    Benefits of Collapsible Dog Bowls

    Collapsible, BPA-free dog travel bowls from Loving Pets are convenient alternatives to other bowls — especially when it comes to storing and packing food for your pet on the go. 

    Foldable dog bowls are perfect for camping or spending days outdoors, and they are a flexible option for feeding or hydrating your pup. A Bella Roma collapsible travel bowl will also allow you to have additional space for necessities if you're planning a hiking trip.

    Foldable bowls are great for traveling. This product is also ideal when you need to bring your pet along with you, whether to run errands or head into the office. Silicone bowls are quieter and less likely to draw attention if you're in a public place. 

    Other occasions or situations that call for a collapsible dog bowl include:

    • Outdoor activities taking place over extended periods.
    • Traveling by train or airplane with your dog.
    • Formal events where you can't bring much baggage with you. 
    • Going to the beach, when you need to provide fresh water.

    Why Silicone Is the Best Material for Travel Dog Food Bowls 

    Silicone dog travel bowls from Loving Pets are nontoxic and have a rubber-like feel.

    You can also adjust your silicone bowl to different sizes, allowing you to control how much food or water you want to put inside. 

    Order Your Bella Roma Travel Bowl in Blue Today 

    Bella Roma Blue Travel bowls from Loving Pets are perfect for giving your dog food or water away from home. You can also select this product in pink. Feel free to check out our selection of dog treats, as well, if you're looking for something to fill your bowl! 

    You can call us at (609) 655-3700 for more information. Make feeding time fast and easy and order yours today!

Product Facts:
Collapsible, Built in Feet, Free Carabiner, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free