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Breed Highlight: Golden Retriever

Golden_retriever_breedA markedly intelligent and loyal breed, it’s easy to see why the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Its signature coat is dense and water resistant, ranging from very light cream to dark golden brown. Originating in the Scottish Highlands, this dog was bred as a hunting companion suited for Scottish climate and terrain.
Well-mannered and easily trained, Goldens make ideal pets for families with children. Its energetic and loving personality is well suited for training and competitions, as this dog is always eager to please. Though Goldens display very little guarding instinct, they can make a good watchdog, alerting the household of any approaching stranger. They are known to be very friendly with both people and other dogs. Golden Retrievers can adapt easily to a variety of environments, but do require daily exercise. The breed can become destructive if not provided ample mental and physical stimulation.
These dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, as well as cancer, heart problems, and eye defects. Skin allergies are another common issue with many Goldens, often requiring veterinary treatment and/or special diets. With a hefty appetite, this dog breed can gain weight easily if not kept in check and properly exercised. Be sure to choose a low calorie dog treat for training and snacks such as our Barksters® Krisps, with only 12 calories per treat. Ideal for allergy-prone pets, these dog treats are made only with all-natural, USA farm grown ingredients, without any fillers or byproducts. Also, try Loving Pets’ Gourmet Duck Filet Strips, with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, helpful to supporting the healthy of hips and joints.