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Breed Highlight: Yorkshire Terrier

YorkShire_TerrierAffectionately known as “Yorkies,” Yorkshire Terriers deliver big personalities in small packages. According to American Kennel Club (AKC) Registration Statistics, the petite breed is among the most popular choice in family pets. Terriers by nature are curious, determined, energetic and brave. They tend to pack a powerful personality in their maximum seven-pound frame.
Named for the English town of their origin, Yorkshire Terriers were utilized in the nineteenth century to capture rats in clothing mills. They eventually left the workforce and became companions to elite European families.
In tan or steel blue colors, the Yorkie’s coat is glossy and silky, and falls straight down on both sides. Groomers tend to trim hair on the head or gather it in a band to provide the pet with maximum visibility, and to prevent the hair from falling into food and water bowls.
Pet parents who take the time to learn how to engage with a small dog will find this clever and loyal breed to be a great companion. Yorkies show affection to their masters, but can become suspicious of strangers and aggressive to unfamiliar dogs or other small animals. They’re also known for being yappy – which can actually be a positive when strangers approach. To prevent any unnecessary barking, keep them stimulated with personal interaction, exercise and proper training.
Yorkies are best suited for homes with older children. In fact, many more reputable breeders may restrict adoptions to families with children older than eight years of age to benefit both the canine and youngsters.
Yorkshire Terriers are prone to eye infections, cataracts, slipped stifle, skin allergies and bronchitis. They have a low tolerance to anesthetic and a sensitive digestive system that may react when they stray from foods outside of those in their regular diet. As with other toy dogs, Yorkies are more likely to be injured by falls, and mishaps with humans and other dogs.
Another major concern is early tooth decay. Maintain a regular teeth-cleaning regimen at home and by a veterinarian. A well balanced diet that includes some dry food and non-starchy treats will help keep their choppers in better shape. Consider Loving Pets USA Made Natural Value® Chicken Tenders for a chewy pure meat treat that dogs can’t resist.
If you’re into a canine companion that’s full of spunk, the Yorkshire Terrier is a loyal companion that will keep you amused and entertained