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Choosing the Right Dog Bowl or Cat Dish

Loving Pets® is a leader in the pet industry, dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality, all natural, innovative and affordable pet feeding accessories. Every product in our ever-growing assortment of patent-pending, stainless steel dog bowls and cat feeding dishes as well as innovative pet feeding accessories exudes our commitment to quality and affordability.

Dedicated to blending eye-catching designs that combine fashion and your personal aesthetic preferences with high quality construction, innovation, and affordability is what sets Loving Pets apart from the competition.

Consistent with Loving Pets’ founding principles are the fashionable and functional Bella Bowls™ for dogs and cats. As Loving Pets’ flagship product, Bella Bowls offer pet-parents affordability, quality, function and designs that fit the personal style of pet-parents everywhere. Patent-pending Bella Bowls have quickly become one of the top selling feeding and watering dishes in the industry. With a Veterinarian-recommended and bacteria-resistant stainless steel interior, each Bella Bowl is wrapped in a printed plastic exterior, making its design both innovative and highly customizable. Combining fashion and function, Bella Bowls offer the convenience of being dishwasher safe and a range of styles, sizes and colors that fit any home decor.

Our Newest Innovations:

Gobble Stopper®

The patent-pending Gobble Stopper® Slow Feeding Accessory is a slow feeder insert that can be applied to any feeding dish, encouraging dogs to eat around and underneath the canopy, bone-shaped design. Not only does the Gobble Stopper slow feeding speed by up to 500%, but it also greatly reduces stomach discomfort and bloat, which in extreme cases can be deadly.

Robusto Bowls®

Robusto Bowls are incredibly durable. Robusto survived unscathed when we ran a 6000+ pound truck over one. Not a crack, dent or chip. The ceramic-like interior is brightly colored in red, aqua, sunburst, violet and midnight. Robusto comes in four sizes – Large, Medium, Small, and X-Small. X-Small has a paw design for both dogs and cats, while the other three sizes have a bone design.

Silent Diners

As the name suggests, Loving Pets listened to many customers complaining about the loud clanging of stainless bowls while their pets are eating, so they set out to create a raised double feeder with a padded rubberized ring around the widest part of the stainless steel bowl to reduce movement and noise while eating. Voila! The Silent Diner was born.

Aesthetically, a number of Loving Pets’ printed exterior designs on our feeding dishes are copyrighted. In such a competitive pet product marketplace, it is more important than ever to make products stand out from the competition and Loving Pets continues to remain at the forefront of innovation, quality and affordability with every product every day.