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True Venison

True Venison Dog Treats

Pure venison jerky treats are perfect for dogs that are sensitive to more common proteins like beef or chicken. With just two simple ingredients, venison dog treats from Loving Pets are grain-free and channel your dog's desire to chew into a healthy habit.

Pure Venison Snacks From Loving Pets 

True Venison Jerky Rounds and True Venison Jerky Bars from Loving Pets are made in-house from antibiotic-free, free-range venison. Our venison dog treats remove tartar and massage your pet's gums to help them ward off periodontal disease and other dental problems. These snacks are intended as treats and are a great way to supplement your dog's meals. Pure venison snacks from Loving Pets are made in the USA and have no artificial colors or flavors. 

Pure venison treats hold many benefits for your furry friend's mental and physical health. Dogs that chew regularly have less plaque buildup and reduce issues like:

  • Irritated, swollen or bleeding gums.
  • A hard brown or yellow residue on teeth.
  • A buildup of food, bacteria and saliva on teeth. 
  • Bad breath.

Why Choose Venison Dog Treats From Loving Pets? 

Venison is a delicious treat for dogs. Because they love the taste of pure venison jerky, they'll be more likely to finish all their food.

Show Your Pet Some Love With Natural Venison Dog Treats and Jerky Bars

Satisfy your dog's instinct to chew with these protein-rich, tender dog treats. Made with real venison, bite-sized jerky rounds and chewable jerky bars will dive your dog wild from training time to treat time and anytime in-between.


True Venison Jerky Treats and Jerky Bars are popular choices during training sessions due to their unique and desirable flavors, and dogs will work hard for them.