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Easily Find the Right Treat for Your Pet

treat finder dog searching for the right treats

Your dog may not be able to spell TREATS but he will most certainly respond to the word. Similarly, rustle a treat packet, and, your cat will instantly know something tasty is about to be dished out.

When it comes to flavors and textures, all pets have their favorites. For parents, the selection of all-natural, tasty delights is mind boggling and made even more complicated because there are dietary needs, age. pet size and ingredients functionality to take into account.

Consequently, the treat shelf comprises a variety of all-natural soft chews, baked chips, air-puffed treats, jerky strips, wraps, horns, biscuits, braided sticks, meaty bones and rawhide. Proteins such as chicken, duck, beef, venison, buffalo, pork, bacon and cheese all vie for popularity, not to mention combos of many of these protein favorites.

What to choose?

Finding Treats with the Loving Pets TREATFINDER

The Loving Pets TreatFinder is a special online tool designed to help pet parents narrow down this amazing selection in order to find the best treats for a favorite dog or cat.

It’s both quick and easy to do. First, check the box to select the designated pet you are treating – cats, puppies, adults or senior dogs. Next, select your manufacturing preferences such as products manufactured in the USA or elsewhere. Loving Pets imports yummy venison treats from Germany. However, pet parents needn’t worry as there is nothing from China. The TreatFinder also gives options to narrow down dietary and nutritional options such as grain-free, wheat-, gluten- and soy-free and, finally, the health benefits and the type of treat your pet enjoys the most.

Reasons You Should Treat Your Pet

The Love Connection

There’s no question that as pet parents we all treat our furkids out of love. Treating is a bonding experience and an excellent way of enhancing the human-animal bond. It’s great to build a routine around love-treats and have a designated treat time whether it’s when you come home from work, or when you curl up on the couch together to watch a favorite show. Both Barksters and Puffsters are ideal choices for when you are binge-watching. It’s also a good idea to give your dog a treat when you head out the door and he is home alone. Something like a meaty bone or a pig’s ear will keep him engaged for some of the time you’re gone.

Yummy Rewards

Training treats are a tasty reward and a perfect recipe for success, giving a feeling of achievement on both ends of the leash. Houndations are perfectly sized training treats and come in a packet with a carabiner so you can continue training when you are out and about. Remember, you can train your cat good manners and tricks with treats too. For example, teach your feline to sit by holding a treat such as all-natural It’s Purely Natural treats over her head, just far enough back that she is forced to sit. Say the word “sit” as she does so, and she will quickly get the message!

Functional Treats

Instead of wrapping a supplement pill that contains glucosamine and chondroitin in a piece of meat, or placing it in a piece of cheese, a functional treat containing such supplements is an easy, and well-accepted alternative. The ActivPetz line of supplemental treats contain significant levels of veterinarian recommended vitamins and minerals and address issues such as hip and joint problems, skin and coat as well a healthy immune system.

Making Your Pet More Accepting of Tasks

Many pets are squirmy when it comes to grooming tasks such as bathing, and nail trims. You can make it more enjoyable by treating every time you have completed one of these routines. Pets are quick to learn when there is a yummy treat involved and hence more accepting of these procedures. If your dog loves all-natural jerky, make that your task treat.

It’s important to remember that all treats have calories – even low-calorie tidbits. Nutritionists say never allot more than 10 per cent of your pet’s daily calorie intake to treats. Using the TreatFinder is a great way yummy to select treats and chews will dish out lots of love but won’t cause them to gain weight.

– Sandy Robins, Pet Lifestyle Expert