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Breed Highlight: English Mastiff

English_MastiffThe American Kennel Club describes the English Mastiff breed as “a combination of grandeur and good nature as well as courage and docility.” Loyal and powerful yet gentle, they are best suited for suburban or country life due to their physical size and need for space. Referred to by most kennel clubs simply as the Mastiff, these large canines have massive heads and limited color range. The fact that they always display a black mask is ironic since the breed is known for its gentle temperament. Though mildly stubborn, this good-natured dog responds well to patient obedience training. They require ample companionship on a daily basis to ensure a stable, confident temperament. Calm and quiet as adults, most tend to be peaceful with other animals. Yet others are dominant or even combative with canines of the same sex. Mastiffs also demand proper diet and regular exercise that must be maintained throughout the dog’s life in order to discourage lazy behavior and to prevent various health problems. They should sleep on a soft surface to help prevent calluses, arthritis and hygroma (an acute inflammatory swelling). Major health issues can include gastric torsion and hip dysplasia, with other potential problems including obesity, cystinuria and osteosarcoma. And since they slobber, drool and snore, Mastiffs aren’t for those who demand a tidy home. When it comes to treats for good behavior, consider Loving Pets’ It’s Purely Natural® dog treats line made from all-natural, USA farmed ingredients. To preserve the freshness naturally, treats undergo a slow cooking process for a delicious crunch that dogs can’t resist. Savory flavors include Chicken Jerky Bone Shaped Treats and Beef and Brown Rice Biscotti with Sweet Potato Chunks that any English Mastiff will wag for.