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Frequently Asked Questions

Treat FAQ’s

1. Can I feed these treats to my dog instead of dog food?

Our treats are 100% natural and are a healthy way for you to reward your dog and not feel guilty about it. However, they are treats and are not a substitute for food. Dog foods have a host of different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that dogs need in their daily diet. To answer your question, no our treats are not a substitute for dog food, but a healthy way to praise or reward your best friend.

2. Where can I purchase Loving Pets Products?

You can visit our store locator to find a store in your area that carries Loving Pets’ products. Our store locator also enables you to view which Loving Pets’ products a particular store in your area has available for purchase.

3. Are Loving Pets Gourmet Treats safe for my dog?

Yes, Loving Pets Gourmet Treats are not only 100% safe for your dog, but they are healthy too! We take great pride in our products and also perform various tests to make sure they are safe for your special pet. We feed all of our treats to our own dogs, so feel confident that you are giving your dog the best treats available.

4. I have a small/older dog that has trouble chewing the jerky pieces without choking, what can I do?

This is a problem for many dog owners. The owner of Loving Pets also has a small breed dog. In the past, his solution was to break up the jerky treat so his dog could chew it. That’s what inspired him to create Loving Pets’ easy to chew Gourmet Sticks – a treat especially for small or older dogs. These treats consist of jerky ground up and mixed with sweet potato to bind it and help keep it soft (while providing additional nutritional value). This process allows the treat to break down easily while the dog is chewing. Loving Pets Gourmet Sticks are available in all five meats; chicken, lamb, duck, beef, and pork. Now your older or small dog can enjoy all of our great meat selections.

5. Where are your Gourmet treats made?

Most of our treats are made in South America and Asia. In particular, our Gourmet treats are made in China. Most people see China and say “Oh no, here we go” or “Not for my dog”. When products from China came under scrutiny, Loving Pets became proactive. We immediately began product testing with our “Tested in the USA” program. We didn’t decide to do this because we had to, but because we wanted to. Our dogs are like family to us and they enjoy Loving Pets’ treats. We want to feel safe giving our treats to our own dogs as well to yours. Unlike most companies, we share the test result with our customers. There are three tests performed on our products: First, at the factory where they are created. Second, by the USDA and third by an independent lab in the United States. The final lab results are posted on our site for all to see.

6. My dog takes Glucosamine & Chondroitin tablets. Can I stop giving them to him since your products already contain these supplements?

Only your vet can make that determination. Our treats contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin as a preventative measure, not as a treatment. If your vet has prescribed these supplements for your dog, it may be due to a need of high levels of these supplements. Always consult your vet before taking your dog off any medication.

7. Is rawhide good for dogs?

Yes. Rawhide is 100% all natural and is an excellent way for your dog to clean his / her teeth. Rawhide helps remove tartar which can cause gum disease. It satisfies the dog’s natural need to chew while stopping unwanted chewing of personal items and furniture.

8. Do your colored rawhides stain carpets?

The coloring used in our munchy rawhide is actually vegetable coloring and by most standards poses no real problem. I would, however, recommend caution in using it on a white or very light colored rug.

9. What is Glucosamine and where does it come from?

Glucosamine is one of the major building blocks utilized in the body’s synthesis of lubricants and shock absorbing mechanisms necessary to maintain and restore healthy joint performance. Glucosamine supplementation enhances the body’s ability to manufacture collagen and proteoglycans, which are essential for rebuilding joints, as well as synovial fluid which lubricate your joints. Glucosamine is most commonly obtained from chitin, an ingredient found in the shell of crustaceans. Crustacean shells have a very high concentration of chitin and because the shells are often discarded, this provides a reliable and cost-effective source of Glucosamine.

10. What is Chondroitin and where does it come from?

Chondroitin is a naturally occurring product found in animal cartilage. Supplemental Chondroitin is derived primarily from bovine (cow) cartilage, particularly the cartilage rings of the trachea. It is also derived from shark and whale cartilage. The source does not appear to have an impact on its effects. Chondroitin Sulfate has become a widely used dietary supplement for treatment of osteoarthritis.

11. How long do your treats last?

Our treats have a best by date printed on the bags. They can remain good well beyond the best by date as long as air or moisture is not introduced to the products.

12. How does your product stay good without preservatives?

Many of our treats contain Vitamin C which is a natural preservative. Our product is also sealed to lock in freshness and has an air packet to remove air from the package. By doing this, we prevent moisture and air inside the packaging which preserves the treats perfectly.

Accessories FAQ’s

1. What are Bella Bowls? Are they painted dishes? And does the paint have lead?

Our Bella bowls are tough, textured poly resin around stainless steel with a removable rubber ring. These features make them the best-designed bowls in more than fifty years. There is no paint, therefore, no lead. Bella bowls are the perfect creation combining the reliability of stainless steel with the beauty of a colored outer shell. The rubber ring makes the bowls skid and noise-free. And since it’s removable, the bowl is dishwasher safe! The ring is soy based for that mischievous dog that chooses to chew on it, allowing it pass through the dog’s system without harm. Bella Bowls come in a variety of decorator colors, making them a much more durable alternative to ceramic dog and pet dishes. Our exclusive patented Bella Bowls have revolutionized pet feeding dishes forever!

2. I bought a stainless steel no-tip dish and the rubber ring is bad. What do I do?

On all of Loving Pets stainless steel dishes, there is a lifetime guarantee on the dish against rust, chipping and cracks. The rubber ring is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. Please provide proof of purchase and your ring will be replaced for free.

3. I purchased a double diner of yours from a store and a part was missing. What do I do?

If you purchased a Loving Pet diner set and a part was missing, we will send it to you in the mail free of charge. Please click here and contact a customer service representative.

4. I pulled the label out of my bowl and there seems to be some portions of the label left behind. How do I get it out?

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We are aware of the issue and we have fixed it going forward. Here is the solution to removing the remaining portions of the label and any glue residue leftover. Place some rubbing alcohol in the bottom of the bowl and use a sponge to rub it in a circular motion. This will remove any remaining residue or paper from the label. After you do this please wash the bowl with warm water and soap prior to using it.

Other FAQ’s

1. How can I become a distributor of Loving Pets Products?

If you are a distributor and wish to carry the Loving Pets Brand, please go to our Contact Us page to find out how to speak with a knowledgeable sales rep.