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Pet Healthy Lifestyle

health-conscious_dogJust like people, a pet’s health is a product of his lifestyle. Nutrition and exercise are the key ingredients of a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet made with all natural, biologically appropriate ingredients helps support healthy organ functions, while breed-appropriate exercise keeps the mind and body active. Remember that all pets descended from animals that roamed and frolicked free in the wild — they do not thrive as couch potatoes! Only you have the power to help your pet live the healthy and active lifestyle.

As part of our mission, Loving Pets is committed to help support the health and care of your pet, both physically and emotionally, to make life better for pets and the people that love them. Parallel to Loving Pets’ unwavering commitment to quality and affordability, every one of our dog treats, cat treats, dog bowls, cat bowls, slow feeding solutions and pet product accessories are made with superior quality, innovative design, and health-promoting, 100% all-natural ingredients.

Due to increased pet-parent education and access to better nutrition and medical care, pets are living longer, healthier, and happier lives!

Seeking out any treat, feeding solution or pet accessory that bears the Loving Pets® brand name means there are never any fillers, byproducts, or chemicals, and a design second to none. Keeping your pet safe and happy is our #1 priority. To ensure our focus on safety and quality, our dog and cat treats undergo rigorous laboratory testing performed by an independent USA testing facility and many of our treats are sourced in the USA and made right here in New Jersey.

The most important advice about your pet’s health and care comes from regular visits to your Veterinarian. As pet-parents ourselves and working in close partnership with pet experts across a variety of specialties, we want to offer you information and tips to help you live a happy and healthy pet friendly lifestyle.