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Mealtime Bonding with Your Pet

important features for a pet food bowl dog with knife and fork

Serving a meal is a great opportunity for bonding with your pet.

It makes us feel good if they enjoy their kibble and favorite stews because as pet parents, we care about the food we serve them as well as the presentation in a fabulous bowl. It’s no different to the way we set a table with pretty place settings and share culinary favorites with family and friends and enjoy the compliments.

And while pets may not pause to consider how their food is being presented, there is no doubt the meal is more pleasurable if the food bowl remains firmly in one place and is the right proportions for them to eat comfortably.

Fortunately, pet dinnerware is available in a variety of bowls and dual feeders in fun colors and designs to match current interior design trends. So, if you enjoy making seasonal decorating changes to spruce up your home, buying new bowls is a fun and inexpensive way to spoil them and enhance your decor.

The most important features for a pet food bowl include:

• How easy it is to clean. Bowls must be washed out after every meal to ensure they are clean and bacteria-free. There’s bacteria in a dog’s saliva that can contaminate the surface of an empty bowl when they lick it clean. So never just top up with the next meal! • Make sure the bowl is the right width and depth to ensure a pet can eat comfortably according to their size and the shape of their face. • A rubber ring, or, in the case of raised feeders, rubber feet, will ensure the bowl remains firmly in place.

The bowls in the various Loving Pets collections such as the Bella bowls, Robusto bowls and the stylish Black Label dishes and diners are all made from high-grade stainless steel which are dishwasher safe and thus easy to keep clean.

For pet parents who like the idea of ceramic dinnerware for their pets,

the Robusto bowl and the Le Bol collections are fun stainless bowls with a stylish ceramic-styled finish on the interior.

Raised dual diners

such as the Black Label Mission, Santa Fe and Layton designs are becoming extremely popular. Firstly, they are an attractive pet “place-setting” that provide a pet food and water. They are also ideal if you feed a wet and dry food combo meal. But apart from the design element, many veterinarians believe that raised bowls aid digestion in pets that eat too fast and suffer from bloat.

Also pets with degenerative disc disease are far more comfortable eating with their heads in a forward position rather than continually moving their heads up and down. Such ergonomically designed pet diners are also excellent for pet amputees who struggle to eat when they have to get up and down off the floor. The height of the stand increases as bowl volume grows making them suitable for pets of all sizes.

Many pets don’t like to be disturbed at meal times.

So, ensure their bowls are not placed in a high traffic zone in the home. It’s a good idea to have several water bowls around the home and ensure they are always full with fresh water. They need to be cleaned regularly too to prevent algae.

Consider adding additional food bowls to your pet’s dinnerware collection.

That way, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wash out a food bowl before then next meal, you can simply take a clean one and do the dishes — yours and your pet’s — later.

– Sandy Robins, Pet Lifestyle Expert