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Preparing for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Bring-dog-to-work-dayEvery June, Take Your Dog to Work Day is an opportunity for office workers to share a day at work with their best friend. But before you invite your four-legged friend to join your morning commute, take some time to plan and ensure that the day is just as enjoyable and safe for your dog and your coworkers alike.
Talk to your coworkers before the big day. Make sure no one near your desk is afraid of or severely allergic to dogs. Consider your dog’s typical habits, and how they might affect others in your office. If your yorkie barks incessantly every time the phone rings at home, he might not make the best officemate.
Make sure your dog has access to fresh water all day. Your coworkers will thank you for using a bowl that will not tip over or make noise. Many of our dog bowls feature removable rubber base that prevents spills and eliminates noise. Check out the Le Bol™ bowls for dogs or durable Robusto Bowls® for dogs, both ideal slip-proof dishes for a day at the office with Rufus.
No matter how well behaved your pooch is at home, sometimes a complete change of environment can really challenge his attention and memory. Improve his ability to maintain good manners at work by practicing behaviors such as sit, stay, and come outside of your home.
Bring a sense of familiarity into your office to help this environmental transition. Pack his bed or towel, his favorite toy, and plenty of healthy treats with a pleasant office-friendly aroma. Try our Totally Grainless® dental sticks, meaty chew bones and sausages. Our USA made Barksters® Krisps also have a very pleasant aroma reminiscent of Sun Chips, 3 savory flavor combinations you might want to try yourself!
With a little preparation, Take Your Dog to Work Day can be a fun and enjoyable experience for you, your dog, and your coworkers.