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Spoiling Your Feline

spoiled_catIn ancient Egypt, cats were held in such high regard that they were actually worshipped. One of the most revered of the Egyptian gods was the cat goddess Bastet that was associated with fertility, motherhood, grace and beauty.
Many modern day cat parents still seem to worship their felines by indulging them with real tuna on occasion or letting them sleep on the bed. But more recently, the pampering has exploded to include kitty pillows, designer beds, hand made catnip toys, and engaging videos of birds and mice.
Some might consider grooming as spoiling. But it’s a matter of health, especially with long hair felines that are prone to matting. Regular veterinary visits and teeth cleaning are other necessities that are far from being indulgences.
The worst way to spoil your pet is through showing your affection with food. Obesity is one of the most common, preventable diseases among pets. While you may be tempted to share a bite of your steak with your curious kitty, remember that excessive amounts of fat and calories in human foods can lead to obesity in pets.
It’s important to feed your cat high quality pet food geared to its life stage to help avoid obesity. Reward with high quality, protein based treats – but do so on your terms. If you allow your cat to “set the rules,” you’re likely to end up with a finicky eater. It will walk away from the food it should be eating since it knows you’ll likely provide it with something else “more exciting.”
While pampering your feline with caviar is a bit extreme, there’s no harm in serving their meals in Loving Pets’ Le Bol™ for cats. While they may look like an indulgence, these bacteria resistant, stainless bowls are very practical, dishwasher safe, and affordably priced! So go ahead and spoil your cat.