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Training & Behavior

Woman with puppy on leashAt Loving Pets, we truly believe there is a “Good Dog” and “Good Cat” inside every single furry friend! But bringing it out requires just as much “human” training as it does dog training. Please bookmark this page to read through regularly posted tips and step by step guides from leading pet behavioral experts on addressing common issues such as barking, digging, marking, and separation anxiety, as well as generally instilling good manners in your pet. Training provides the necessary structure, mental stimulation, and bonding to build an even better relationship with Fido or Fluffy.

Loving Pets is proud to partner with award-winning and highly experienced pet trainers and will keep this page updated with tips from the experts, training games using dog treats and cat treats, training product recommendations and much more.

Not sure how to get started? Please check out our Dog Training Page, which features a “Training Tip of the Month” to learn more.