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Treating Games, Treat Treasure Hunts with Your Pet

Treating Games treat treasure hunt dog with treat

Pets are smart. They understand routines. Your cat knows when she hears the key in the door in the evenings that she’s going to be fed and your dog knows that means you will take him for a potty break and a nice walk. Similarly, they understand when you leave in the morning, they are going to be home alone. Not only will be miss you, but for many, the long empty hours without you can bring on feelings of both stress and anxiety. Setting up treating games like a treat treasure hunt with yummy treats and some of their favorite toys is a great way to keep them mentally and physically engaged and properly amused to help pass the time.

Oh yes! A treat treasure hunt is a routine every pet understands and will appreciate.

When it comes to cats…

focus positioning their favorite toys and a treat close to popular sleeping zones so that they can snack, play and snooze until it’s time to seek out another snack! It’s Purely Natural® cat treats are available in feline flavor favorites such as chicken, beef lung, shrimp and buffalo. They are bite-sized, freeze-dried pure protein and hence low calorie. They are also wheat, gluten, soy, grain and glycerin free.

To avoid the family dog stealing cat treats…

position them along with toys on cat trees and condos and any other high vertical places your pooch can’t access. And to increase the mental stimulation, consider positioning the cat tree near a window so that your cat can enjoy the passing parade whether its bird- or people-watching. Some cats even enjoy watching cars and general street activity.

It’s also great idea to place cat treats into treat balls which means cats have to chase them and work to extract the tasty treat contents.

There is also a large variety of treat dispensing toys for dogs.

Consider giving the toy to your pooch when you leave in the morning so that he can immediately get to work and keep himself occupied and, hopefully, won’t realize that you’ve left.

Canine puzzle toys…

offering differing degrees of difficulty to extract treats are a great way of offering dogs both mental and physical stimulation. They contain little compartments that spin and twist designed for dogs to nose open. Natural Value® are variety of meaty sticks, tenders and sausages in proteins dogs drool over such as chicken duck and beef. They are easy to break into smaller pieces to place inside such puzzle boards. Dogs find the smell of such meaty treats irresistible and quickly get to work trying to figure out how to extract their tasty rewards.

If you feel guilty about leaving your pets home alone…

an automated treat dispenser is a great pet tech investment. They work with an App on a smartphone or tablet and allow pet parents to check in on their fur kids 24/7 from anywhere as they have a built-in camera and two-way voice audio control. This means you can call your pet over to the dispenser before dispensing a treat. Treat dispensers work with smaller treats. Consequently, Houndations are a great canine recommendation. They are designed as a training treats but because they are small, are ideal to pop out from an automated gadget. And, at the same time you won’t be dispensing too many calories. Houndations are available in five flavors namely beef, duck, chicken, salmon and lamb.

Treat dispensers work for smarty cats too.

Similarly, It’s Purely Natural® cat treats can be dispensed for your favorite feline. Consider mixing up the flavors to keep them guessing.

When setting up a treat treasure hunt, it’s important to remember that treats – even low-calorie ones – contain calories and should never add up to more than 10 per cent of your pet’s daily calorie allowance.

– Sandy Robins, Pet Lifestyle Expert