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Winter-Time Fun for Pets

winter-time-fun-with-your-dogFreezing temperatures and snow on the ground won’t stop your four-legged friend from wanting to romp and play – Whether indoors or outdoors, it’s essential to your pet’s physical and mental health active and engaged to make a happy home for all! Outdoor play is not always an option when the weather outside is frightful! Fortunately, there are plenty of indoor activities to stimulate your pets’ minds and keep them physically active during the winter months.

Puzzle toys filled with nutritious treats and using treats for scavenger hunts around the house are wonderful indoor activities that combine nutrition, mental stimulation, and play (your pet’s two favorite things!). Try Loving Pets’ low-fat Barksters® Krisps, as they easily break apart into small pieces for use in a scavenger hunt, training session or retrieving. For pure exercise, try a doggy treadmill or a modified version of “fetch” using tennis balls, durable plush toys, or rope toys. Even the stairs can become a useful exercise tool during the winter – have one person stand at the top and another at the bottom, rewarding your pet when he reaches the top and bottom of the stairs continuously with a healthy all-natural made in the USA treats like It’s Purely Natural® for cats in beef and chicken, or Houndations™ for dogs in beef, chicken, duck, lamb and salmon.

Winter weather can be a good reason to focus on the basics inside the home, such as obedience training and a healthy coat – all of these efforts help maintain the bond between pet and owner while keeping your pet calm and engaged at the same time. Anything you can do to keep your pet’s mind occupied will go a long way towards ensuring your pet stays healthy and happy during indoor periods.