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Yummy Treats with Supplements and Dental Treats Replace Traditional Products

Treats With Supplements Dog With Weights

All pets can benefit from different supplements at certain times in their lives, whether it’s to address skin and coat issues, a sensitive tummy, stave off joint issues or to boost general health. Some dogs, will happily swallow anything. But often pet parents have to disguise pill supplements in food. All the drama and any anxiety is instantly eliminated when wellness ingredients are included in treats. Just say “treat time” and everyone is happy. Dogs have no idea they are treats with supplements or dental treats that will actually do them some good!

In fact, many wellness products have transitioned from being over the counter products to now being kept in the treat jar. And the same can be said for dental products. It’s easier to give a pet a yummy beneficial dental chew than trying to efficiently wipe down their gums and teeth as they squirm in resistance.

ActivPetz Treats with Supplements

ActivPetz™ comprises a selection of USA-made dog treats that boast significant levels of veterinarian recommended supplements. And, because they do double duty – promote wellness and offer a reward — they are a much more cost effective and tastier way to give your pet supplements. The line is made from real meat and fish and the treats are grain-, wheat-, gluten-, soy- and corn-free.

The ActivPetz™ Hip & Joint Health treats are available in a beef jerky and a chicken jerky. The products that focus on digestive health also contain probiotics and come in two canine favorites namely chicken jerky and lamb jerky. The treats that contain multi-vitamins and immune-boosting ingredients are available in popular chicken and duck flavors and the skin and coat formulas come in chicken and salmon.

It’s important to remember never to over treat.

Even if the treats are functional, they contain calories and thus should never exceed more than 10 per cent of your pet’s daily food allowance.

Dental Treats or Chews

Special dental chews can also go a long way to keep your dog’s teeth clean, control tartar and plaque and promote fresh breath when you pooch offers exuberant kisses.

New Ora-Bone Dental Treats

The patent pending Ora-Bone™ has a specially designed shape to simultaneously clean various areas of the mouth while your dog simply has fun enjoying an enrichment activity. The center bulb of the chew cleans behind the front teeth, roof of the mouth and tongue. The tapered ribs that wrap around both sides of the entire bone form teeth-fitting channels for more effect cleaning. The nibs around the heart-shaped opening are designed to massage gums and scrape the tongue for fresher breath. It’s a win-win and a functional treat your pooch will look forward to every day.

Always give dental treats under supervision. The Ora-Bone™ dental chews are available in three sizes to cater for dogs of all sizes.

– Sandy Robins, Pet Lifestyle Expert