Natural Value® Soft Chicken Sausage Recipe

When you see all that Natural Value® soft chicken snacks for dogs have to offer, you'll want to fill your cart with these affordable, USA-made dog treats. Natural Value® soft-chew chicken sausages from Loving Pets are cooked to reduce fat and increase the flavor, and they are free of grain, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, by-products and preservatives. Made with only the finest ingredients, you can be sure these Natural Value® grain-free chicken sausage treats are perfect for dogs of any size or age.

Wheat-, Soy- and Gluten-Free Chicken Treats for Dogs 

Natural Value® chicken sausages for dogs are made for health-conscious pet owners and their pups. These snacks for dogs contain chicken, natural smoke flavoring, rosemary extract and vegetable glycerin, and they are preserved with mixed tocopherols. 

Natural Value® soft chew chicken sausages have a nutrient profile that encompasses the following:

  • Moisture: 22%
  • Crude fiber: 2%
  • Crude fat: 10%
  • Crude protein: 30% 

Why Use Soft Chew Dog Treats to Train Your Pup?

All dogs have a natural inclination to chew. They do it as puppies to overcome the discomfort of teething as they grow to release anxiety. Giving your pet a soft chew treat is an excellent way to provide them with an outlet for their need to chew.

Healthy, chew treats like natural chicken sausages for dogs have numerous benefits, such as releasing energy and helping clean tartar off their teeth. These snacks also offer nutritional benefits as a great source of protein.

Benefits of Using Treats for Positive Reinforcement

Using positive reinforcement to train your pup means rewarding the behaviors you want them to do. The benefits of training your dog with treats as positive reinforcement, such as Natural Value® 100% All-Natural Treats - Chicken Sausage Recipe, include:

  • Strengthening your bond: Positive reinforcement will help you improve your relationship with your dog and maintain their trust during training. 
  • Keeping training sessions short and fun: Positive reinforcement training can be fun for you and your pup, especially when you keep things short and optimistic. 
  • Communicating clearly: Positive reinforcement opens the door for clear, effective communication with your dog. 
  • Providing mental stimulation: Keep your pet's boredom at bay with a few short, upbeat training sessions each day.

Order Chicken Sausage Treats for Your Dog Today

Whether offered as a delicious distraction or as a special reward for being a good dog, these Natural Value® - Chicken Sausage Recipe will be sure to keep your pet occupied and happy.

At Loving Pets, we're keen on using only simple, quality ingredients for our dog treats. We offer a wide variety of options, including bones and chews, jerky treats, training treats, dental treats, value packs, and more.

Satisfy your best friend and furry family member with made-in-the-USA chicken sausage treats from Loving Pets today.

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