Pure Buffalo

Pure Buffalo dog treats are exceptionally tasty and great lean alternatives to beef snacks. Your pup can enjoy buffalo bones, bully sticks, and jerky made from real high quality Buffalo.

Pure Buffalo dog bones and treats are made from free-range and grass-fed buffalo. After a thorough preparation process, these snacks and chews are brought to your pup with high-quality meat and bones. Choose from buffalo jerky, bully muscle, lung, femur bone or knuckle, shoulder and backstrap tendon

Why Buy Pure Buffalo?

Pure Buffalo is exactly what we say it is: pure buffalo. Our ingredient lists consistently have one item. Either dehydrated, cured or pressed for freshness, our buffalo is the real thing. Your pup will love the taste of natural ingredients, and pet parents can appreciate a treat with a simple label.  

You can change the way your dog snacks with a treat you trust. Enjoy the simple pleasure of Pure Buffalo bully sticks, bones and jerky. Still not sure? Here are a few reasons pup parents buy Pure Buffalo:

  • Lean alternative: Buffalo is higher in protein and lower in fat and calories than most beef substitutes. Giving your pup buffalo treats can be great for their heart and taste buds.
  • Dental hygiene: When your dog gnaws on tough buffalo backstrap or chewy jerky treats, they massage their gums. This movement improves gum health and releases harmful plaque or tartar from their teeth. 
  • Real texture: Our Pure Buffalo dog bones and pressed bully sticks are long lasting with the perfect texture for chewing!
  • Chew fix: If you're working on curbing your dog's chewing habits, why not give them something good to gnaw on? Instead of going for your favorite shoes next time, your pup will want a bone!
  • Protein content: Real meat has natural nutrients and minerals to fuel your dog throughout the day. Buffalo meat has high protein content, and we prepare our jerky treats to maintain these health benefits. 
  • Long-lasting treat: Sometimes, you have busy days with little time to play with your favorite furry friend. Throw your dog a Pure Buffalo bone, and they'll be occupied for hours.

Try Pure Buffalo Dog Treats Today

Pure Buffalo dog bones will become your pup's new favorite long-lasting chew! Because of their size, we recommend that certain bones are only given to medium, large or extra-large dogs. Some great options for small pups are our jerky strips or small sized pressed bully bones. Huge treats like our mammoth meaty femur bone are best for large dogs over 65 pounds.

For a treat that promotes dental health and tastes great, choose Pure Buffalo. Our options can satisfy all adult dogs with unique and delicious flavors. As a devoted pet parent, you can feel good knowing your pup is chewing on authentic animal products. Browse our range of Pure Buffalo dog treats to find your favorite.

If you want even more tasty options, shop our full selection of dog treats or bones and chews.