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Dog Travel Bowls and Diners

Make every trip a blast with Bella Roma dog travel food and water diners from Loving Pets. Our travel diners convert from storage for dog food in an easy-to-hold container to either a single or double bowl. Our food and water bowls stand up on legs and can be folded flat making it perfect for pet-parents on-the-go.

Whether you want a single dog travel water bowl or a collapsible diner, our Bella Roma Bowls are the ultimate solution for dry food storage and keeping your pet hydrated on the road. 

Benefits of Collapsible Travel Diners

Collapsible travel feeders make travel convenient for you and your pet whether you are going around the corner or around the world. They collapse and fold flat so that they take up as little space as possible. This ability makes storing and packing them easy, which is especially valuable when you have limited space. Collapsible diners made of silicone are also lightweight, which makes them easy to carry. 

Dog Travel Food and Water Diners in Many Styles

When you shop with Loving Pets, you'll enjoy an award-winning collection of dog travel water and food bowls in styles such as:

Bella Roma Travel Single Bowls 

Our Bella Roma single travel bowl for dogs is a fantastic tool for traveling with your furry friend. This super handy and unique travel bowl helps you keep your pet fueled and hydrated during your most exciting adventures. This award-winning bowl is an excellent option for on-the-go pet parents.

Bella Roma single travel bowls from Loving Pets come in pink and blue and can easily be packed down flat. They are great to hang from a leash, belt loop, purse or backpack using the metal carabiner included in the pack. These bowls feature:

  • A unique, patented design with an integrated locking lid to store solid food.
  • A cover that transforms into locking legs to keep the system firmly in place while your pet eats and drinks. 
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and bisphenol A (BPA)-free silicone.
  • A super lightweight structure that's easy to carry around.

Bella Roma Travel Double Diners 

Bella Roma travel double diners make feeding time convenient, fast and easy. Travel diners come with an integrated locking lid for dry food storage. You can convert this option by compressing one of the bowl portions, folding at the hinge and securing the lock. Bella Roma travel diners won't collapse during feeding due to their locking center hinge and fold-away locking legs.

These blue and pink feeders:

  • Are dishwasher safe and lightweight. 
  • Come with bowls made of flexible BPA-free silicone.
  • Pack flat.
  • Come with a free carabiner to hang the diner from a belt loop, purse or backpack.
  • Are not meant to store foods or liquids like gravy because the lid is not watertight. 

Order Bestselling Dog Double Diners From Loving Pets 

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