Bones & Chews

Bones and Chews for Dogs

All dogs instinctively love to chew. Chewing helps develop the jaw and neck muscles that wild canines must have. It also relieves boredom and frustration, provides mental stimulation, keeps gums and teeth clean, and removes plaque. 

Delicious and long-lasting treats for dogs promote constructive behaviors and help you keep your furry friend satisfied. Whether you're looking for jerky meat strips, femur knuckles, femur bones, pig ears, chew sticks, or rawhide treats, Loving Pets has it all. 

Long-Lasting Treats for Dogs From Loving Pets 

All love dogs love to chew, and at Loving Pets, we want to help you satisfy your pup's cravings with delicious treats. We offer healthy, USA-made treats in categories like:

Chew Sticks

Yummy Bones Singles Dog Treats from Loving Pets come in multiple flavors, including Peanut Butter, Mint, Bacon and Chicken. Get single doggy chew sticks, or order Yummy Bones Peanut Butter Flavor or Yummy Bones Chicken Flavor in a 13-ounce bag. 

These treats offer your pet two flavors in one treat. The outside of these chew sticks is hard, while the inside features a soft, chewy center your pet will work hard to reach. 

Yummy Bones chew sticks for dogs massage your pup's gums, so you can feel confident you're providing them with a healthy treat. Meant for dogs anywhere from 10 pounds to over 100 pounds, these chew sticks:

  • Control tartar.
  • Massage gums.
  • Clean teeth.
  • Are corn-free.

Bully Sticks / Pure Buffalo

Loving Pets carries popular, healthy Pure Buffalo products. Our Pure Buffalo 100% Natural Dog Treats contain no preservatives or additives and are made from the highest-quality grass-fed, free-range buffalo available. Pure Buffalo goodies are available in many sizes and varieties, including:

  • Bullish Sticks.
  • Pure Buffalo Jerky Meat Strips.
  • Pure Buffalo Braided Bully Sticks.
  • Pure Buffalo Bully Sticks.
  • Pure Buffalo Pressed Bully Bone.
  • Pure Buffalo Lung Steaks.
  • Pure Buffalo 14-16-inch Mammoth Meaty Femur Bone.
  • Pure Buffalo 12-13-inch Shoulder Bone.
  • Pure Buffalo 4-6-inch Backstrap Tendon.
  • Pure Buffalo Meaty Femur Knuckle Pack of Two.
  • Pure Buffalo Meaty Femur Bones Pack of Two.

Pure Piggy®

Pure Piggy® dog chews are dry and tasty treats your dog will love. Loving Pets carries Pure Piggy® Humerus Bones, Pure Piggy® Pig Pizzle, Pure Piggy® Pig Ear Strips and other doggy snacks. 

Pure Piggy® Pig Ears are flavorful and entertaining. If your pup likes to savor their treats, pig ears are great options that they can chew at their own pace. These doggy chews are a great source of essential nutrients and protein to complement your dog's regular diet.

True Venison

True Venison Jerky Rounds and Bars are a great alternative if your dog is sensitive to more common proteins like beef or chicken. 

Made from free-range venison with two simple ingredients, True Venison is free of:

  • Antibiotics.
  • Grains.
  • Wheat.
  • Soy.


Rawhide doggy treats from Loving Pets help prevent tartar buildup and plaque through dogs' natural chewing action by scraping and rubbing the teeth clean, promoting healthy gums and teeth. Rawhide chew sticks for dogs are also great for promoting healthy behavior and keeping dogs busy. 

Pamper Your Pup With One-of-a-Kind Bones and Chews 

Are you ready to spoil your furry friend? Get your hands on some femur knuckles, jerky meat strips, healthy chews and bones from Loving Pets today! You can also purchase other treatsfeeding itemsaccessories and gift baskets.