Nature's Choice® Rawhide Bones and Treats

Nature's Choice rawhide treats from Loving Pets will help your dog eliminate boredom, remove plaque and tartar, and improve dental health. 

Treat your pup to a healthy and delicious variety of treats from the Nature's Choice® line from Loving Pets. 

Nature's Choice® Snacks From Loving Pets 

When you trust Loving Pets for your pup's snacks, you'll have a wide inventory to choose from. Check out popular Nature's Choice® snacks, such as:

Benefits of Rawhide Bones 

Whether you have a faithful old friend or a brand new puppy, rawhide treats provide benefits for dogs of all ages.

1. Natural Rawhide Chews Provide Stimulating Activity 

Rawhide snacks will keep your dog's mind stimulated and entertained for hours. This outlet is crucial, especially for older dogs that are more sedentary. 

2. Natural Rawhide Chews Have Behavior Benefits

A dog's innate desire to chew can exhibit itself on clothing, furniture and other items around your home. Natural rawhide treats provide a safe outlet for this desire, helping your pup channel their need to chew in healthy and productive ways. Natural rawhide sticks and bones can relieve your best friend's boredom for hours. 

If you encourage your dog to chew on natural rawhide snacks, chances are they'll choose a bone over your remote, books, shoes and clothes. 

Natural Rawhide Chews Dental Benefits

As your dog chews and moistens natural rawhide bones and sticks, they wrap around the teeth and gently remove plaque buildup. This advantage also reduces the risk of potentially serious dental problems, keeps teeth whiter and diminishes bad breath. Natural rawhide snacks for dogs can reduce the risk of heart and kidney disease and infections, which can occur when less than poor oral health gives bacteria an environment to enter your dog's body. 

Reward Your Pet With Nature's Choice® Snacks From Loving Pets 

Supplement your dog's main meals with healthy, Nature's Choice® bones and chews from Loving Pets. Get yours online or visit us in-store today