Treats, Bowls and Gift Baskets for Cats

If you are a cat parent who falls in love with anything cat-related, from cat treats to gift baskets to bowls and diners, then this is the page for you. 

Loving Pets offers top-tested products any cat lover will adore. Whether you're looking for a fish-shaped mat to liven up your pet's dining area, healthy snacks for your feline or highly durable, skid-free Bella cat bowls, Loving Pets has it all.

Cat Gift Baskets: Pretty in Pink and Blue

Spoil your feline friend with accessories and cat treats hand-picked with care. Choose from our cat gift baskets in blue or pink.

Our cat care packages come with beautiful Bella Cat Bowls for your pet's dining area. The No. 1 supplier of feeding bowls in the pet industry, Loving Pets offers Bella bowls that are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 

Bella Bowls have a vet-recommended, bacteria-resistant stainless steel interior and come with a removable rubber base that prevents noise, skids and spills. Our gift baskets for cats also come with grain-, gluten- and soy-free Purely Natural® Treats and Bella spill-proof mats. 

Cat Accessories

Fish-shaped spill-proof mats from Loving Pets come in green or tan color options. Our cat mats have anti-skid feet to resist slips and slides, a fish-scale, slip-resistant surface and raised edges to hold more spills.

Treats for Cats

Some cats are highly food motivated, meaning they may be more willing to work to do tricks when you offer them an irresistible treat. By using snacks to train your kitty, you are inspiring them to accomplish great things. 

Plus, delicious snacks for cats make your pet's life more exciting — even if training isn't your goal. 

Food and Water Bowls for Cats 

As a cat owner, you know the joy and importance of keeping your feline members happy. A good place to start is mealtime. Whether or not your cat is picky with food, they can enjoy dining from one of our stylish bowls. 

With the choice of fashionable yet functional Bella food and water bowls for cats, you'll find everything you need for your pet's dining needs at Loving Pets. We also carry elevated cat diners in Ruff N' Tuff® Double Diner stainless steel. 

Loving Pets Is a One-Stop Shop for Cats

You can trust Loving Pets for:

  • Treats that are highly sought-after by the growing number of health-conscience pet owners.
  • Value packs, bundle deals and free shipping on all orders over $49. 
  • A stylish and innovative approach to hard goods.
  • Dedicated attention to ingredients and excellent customer service. 
  • High-quality, affordable products wrapped in beautiful packaging.
  • A vast selection of USA-made accessories and treats.

Show Your Cat Some Love With Purrfect Treats and Accessories

Loving Pets offers a wide variety of bowls and dinerstreats and gift baskets that make it easy to find the best items for your kitty companion. And for other crucial accessories and products like spill-proof cat mats, turn to Loving Pets' online pet supply store.