Dog Supplement-Infused Treats

Every dog has a different diet, and some pups might not get all the vitamins and nutrients they need from their chow. With supplement-infused treats for dogs, you can be sure that your furry friend has a balanced diet. At Loving Pets, we provide treats with the necessary vitamins to supplement your dog's gut, joint, skin, and immune system health.

Dogs need a well-rounded diet with appropriate vitamins, just as their pet owners do. Our supplement-infused jerky treats for dogs are an excellent treat to boost your pup's overall health because they have significant quantities of real vitamins & minerals. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, these treats can help your pooch look and feel their best.

The Benefits of Supplement-Infused Treats for Dogs

Every vitamin and nutrient has a different health benefit. Many of these supplements are great additions to an active dog's lifestyle. We make these treats taste great and help your pup feel 100% every day.

Here are a few benefits of our supplement-infused treats:

 Increased energy: When your dog has better overall health, they have more energy to play, run and walk by your side. Just as a healthy meal gives you the strength to start your day, a vitamin-infused treat can keep your pup ready for fun.

  • Improved skin and coat: Omega-3 fish oil and linoleic acid help your dog improve their skin and coat. You can choose a salmon formula with these ingredients for healthier skin and hair. 
  • Healthy joints: As your dog gets older, they need regular exercise and vitamins to support their joints. Certain treats can improve your dog's joints and movement with glucosamine and chondroitin. 
  • Strong gut health: Your pup's gut helps them digest and process all the delicious food you give them. We provide chicken and lamb probiotic treats to promote a happy and healthy gut capable of absorbing the nutrients needed for an active lifestyle.
  • Better immune system: Multivitamin formulas help your dog receive all the necessary supplements. Our chicken and duck jerky vitamin treats may improve immune health with vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, C, D3 and E for excellent immune support.

Create a Balanced Diet With Vitamin Treats for Your Dog

When you buy dog supplement-infused treats, you take a step toward better health and overall support for your pup. Because you may not find these vitamins and minerals in your dog's favorite food, these treats are a helpful addition to their diet. From fish oil to probiotics, you can find the nutrients you need in treats from Loving Pets.

With flavors like chicken, beef, lamb, duck or salmon, our jerky is a delicious treat with an added benefit — a healthy boost to your dog's system. Our Activpetz treats are made in the USA for superb quality and flavor.

Find the best treats for your dog when you browse our supplement-infused jerky. If you're interested in our other tasty options for playtime or training sessions, you can explore our dog treats or bones and chews.