Natures Choice

Your pup deserves the best of the best. Your treats are unique to your dog's needs, from their ingredients to their shapes. Nature's Choice treats are versatile snacks and chews for your pup to enjoy again and again. We have a wide variety of options for you to spoil your furry friend.

With Nature's Choice dog treats, you can choose from many bones, meat sticks, biscuits, rawhide and more. Each treat has no preservatives or additives because we use real ingredients with authentic taste. At Loving Pets, our treats focus on healthy chewing, eating and living. When you choose Nature's Choice, you get delicious and one-of-a-kind snacks to fill your cupboard.

Why Buy Nature's Choice?

Whether your pup is extra-small or extra-large, they can enjoy Nature's Choice dog bones and treats. Our signature recipes and variety of options keep happy pet parents coming back for more. These snacks are a treat to eat and a great addition to your pup's daily nutritional intake. 

We carry many snacks and bones for your furry friend to enjoy. These are just a few additional benefits of treating your pup with Nature's Choice:

  • Dental hygiene: Many Nature's Choice rawhide bones, sticks or twists are tough enough to loosen plaque or tartar buildup on your dog's teeth. Gnawing on these chewy treats also keeps gums healthy and pink with a light massage. 
  • Real ingredients: Many of our dog treats use real meat, skin or bones for an undeniably great taste. For example, our pig ears are excellent treats made from free-range pigs with 55% protein. 
  • Nutritional quality: When you try Nature's Choice treats, you can round out your pup's daily diet with yummy nutrients. Because we use the best ingredients, Nature's Choice dog bones have the protein, vitamin and mineral content your pooch needs.
  • Healthy chewing: Pet parents with dogs that like to chew shoes always need something new their pup can gnaw on. Along with being great for their oral hygiene, Nature's Choice rawhide or bones provide a long-lasting chew fix.
  • Value packs: With options for value packs that hold up to 100 treats, we have your budget in mind. You get more bang for your buck and the same exceptional taste with a value pack from Nature's Choice.

Enjoy Nature's Choice Dog Treats, Bones and Sticks

When you buy Nature's Choice dog treats, you invest in high-quality, affordable snacks for your pup. Explore our many delicious and nutritious treat options, including single bones or value packs. We are constantly coming up with new recipes to satisfy your puppy, so find your dog's favorite today!

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