Dental Stick Treats

Keeping your pup's teeth and mouth clean is part of ensuring they're happy and healthy. Your dog's smile should show off their pink gums and pearly whites. If you want to improve their oral health, you can try dental treats for dogs.

Dental treats or sticks can do the work of a toothbrush while acting as a delicious snack for your pup. Using these every day improves your dog's breath, gums and teeth, just like the routine humans enjoy when we brush our teeth. We recommend our dental sticks for adult dogs and offer different packs, so you can find the option that's appropriate for your pup's size.

The Benefits of Dental Sticks for Dogs

Dental treats are an all-in-one solution for dogs with anything from bad breath to swollen gums. These sticks promote dental wellness, so your pup can smile wide. Here are the many benefits of dental treats for dogs:


  • Healthy chewing: Does your dog like to chew on shoes, toys or anything left on the ground? We formulate our dental sticks with your dog's chewing habits in mind. Your pup can enjoy a long-lasting chew fix with a treat that benefits their oral health — and saves your shoe closet.
  • Oral hygiene: Dental treats improve oral health without your dog ever noticing it. Their pinwheel or rectangular shape helps dogs take time while they chew, often rewarding them with a hard, chewable outside and soft inside. When you use dental sticks, your dog can enjoy pinker gums and cleaner teeth.
  • Plaque and tartar prevention: Plaque is bacteria that can adhere to your dog's teeth over time, and tartar is a hardened buildup of plaque. Dental sticks treat and prevent this buildup by cleaning your dog's teeth. Using these treats can prevent your dog from losing teeth due to decay.
  • Gum treatment: Your dog's gum health is crucial to their overall well-being, so we created dental treats to encourage strong gums. Chewing on one of these treats promotes proper blood flow by massaging gums. Check the color of your pup's gums after using these treats for a while. If they're pink, they're healthy!
  • Breath improvement: Because we use the best ingredients, these dental treats can improve your puppy's breath. Natural additions like parsley and mint extract give our treats an extra burst of freshness.


Buy Dog Dental Treats You Trust From Loving Pets

At Loving Pets, we make treats your dog will love to eat with ingredients you can depend on. When you buy our dog dental treats, you help your pup enjoy better health and a bigger smile.

Our Ora-BoneTotally Grainless, and Toothsticks dental treats are all made in the USA with the finest ingredients. We work to find the best recipe for the best results. With flavors like chicken, mint and peanut butter, these dental sticks will be a hit with your precious pooch.

If you're interested in our dog dental sticks, you can search by size, product claim or price to find the right one for you. Browse our other dog treats or bones and chews for even more options.