Dog Treat Canisters

Dog Treat Canisters

Treat jars for dogs from Loving Pets are designed to be attractive, durable and functional. Our contemporary Bella Bowl Canisters display bone and paw designs on sleek and stylish backdrops and will elevate the look of any pet dining room.

Bella Bowl Canister: Features and Benefits 

Bella Bowl Canisters from Loving Pets are the equivalent of cookie jars for humans. Show your pet some love, and choose from merlot, copper and espresso color options. Our dog treat canisters:

  • Feature imprints of bones and black or white paws as functional, beautiful additions to your countertop.
  • Are made with stainless steel interiors that stand up to bacteria.
  • Have an attractive exterior, removable rubber base and a transparent plastic lid to keep treats at their best.
  • Can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning — just remember to remove the rubber parts! 

Advantages of Using Dog Treats to Train Your Pet

If you use treats to entice your pet to follow commands during obedience training, you'll likely get a positive response. If you have a puppy, using treats as rewards for good behavior can be especially important. Treats and snacks may be one of the few things your puppy responds to during their formative years. 

Here are some benefits dog treats can provide when you're training your pup:

  • Help with training: Giving treats is a strategy you can employ for training that can be phased out when your pet progresses. Treats may help you achieve long-term results when you use them as reinforcement, not bribery, and may keep your pup motivated in the early stages.
  • Are easy to carry: Dog treats are easy for you to carry around during training sessions.
  • Establish a predictable schedule: Giving treats can help you establish bedtime or potty breaks.
  • Supplement nutrition: You can use dog treats to give your pet the necessary vitamins.
  • Get attention: Using treats during certain moments can help you keep your dog's focus where you want it.

Why Choose Snack Canisters for Dogs From Loving Pets?

Since 2005, Loving Pets has offered USA-made doggie treats to pet owners across the United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada and growing international markets. Our customers count on us for superior service, dedicated attention to ingredients and an innovative approach to hard goods. 

We are the industry's No.1 supplier of pet accessories and feeding dishes, offering an impressive collection of treats for your pet — whether that's a fishcat or dog.  

Spoil Your Pup With a Stylish Treat Jar From Loving Pets 

As a pet owner, you know the power of dog treats. Why not store them in a canister that improves the look of your pet's dining area? 

Buy a Bella Bowl Canister for dog treats online or at a retail location that carries our products. Or, feel free to reach out to one of our representatives to learn more about our pet products, snacks and accessories.