Bella Bowl - Dog Treat Canister - 3 Colors

Removable rubber base to prevent spills. Dishwasher-safe exterior — just remember to remove any rubber parts before cleaning.

All Bella Canisters for dog snacks feature:

  • A removable rubber base that prevents noise, spills and skids. 
  • A bacteria-resistant, vet-recommended stainless steel interior. 

The Role of Treats in Building a Strong Relationship With Your Dog 

There are many reasons you may decide to give your dog a treat — to keep them occupied and out of trouble, as a tool to eliminate boredom, as an in-between meal snack or as a reward. 

No matter your intention, it's essential to know how to reward your pup while building a solid bond so that you can enjoy the benefits of reinforcing good behavior. When you're using treats to shape your dog's conduct, timing is everything. Remember to reward your pet immediately after they have acted desirably — otherwise, you may be unintentionally condoning unwanted behavior.

It's also important to keep your commands short and sweet, as dogs find it challenging to comprehend longer sentences. To expedite your pup's progress, make sure everyone in the family is on the same page and uses the same commands consistently. 

Offering your dog treats as positive reinforcement for good behavior will help the two of you build a strong relationship. Treats help satisfy some of your pup's innate instincts, offer extra stimulation throughout the day and keep them content in your absence. 

Why Loving Pets? 

Since 2005, Loving Pets has been dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable ingredients and products for pet owners across Canada, the United Kingdom, the U.S. and growing international markets. 

A family-owned and -operated business, we are the industry's top supplier of feeding dishes and pet accessories, offering a vast selection of treats and products for your pet — whether that's a dogcat or fish.

You can count on Loving Pets for:

  • Superior service and USA treats made in-house.
  • Dedicated attention to ingredients.
  • An innovative, stylish approach to hard goods.
  • Value packs and bundle deals.
  • Beautiful packaging and free shipping over $49. 

Buy Your No-Skid, Bacteria-Resistant Dog Treat Jar From Loving Pets 

The Bella Bowl Canister in Copper, Merlot & Espresso from Loving Pets is a dishwasher-safe dog treat jar that is perfect for storing all your furry friend's favorite snacks. This beautiful dog snack jar is sure to brighten up your counters — and get your dog's tail wagging! 

Buy the Bella Bowl Treat Jar/Container for dog treats from Loving Pets at one of our in-store locations or online today. For more information about our products, feel free to contact us!

Product Facts:
Copper, Merlot & Espresso