Bully Sticks / Pure Buffalo

Bully Sticks / Pure Buffalo Dog Treats

Let your pup in on the unrivaled flavor of lean Pure Buffalo Treats. These dog treats are great for maintaining a dog's dental health and a great alternative to beef. 

At Loving Pets, you'll find Pure Buffalo Treats in many sizes and varieties, including lung steaks, tendons, braided bully sticks and femur knuckles. 

Pure Buffalo Dog Treats 

Pure Buffalo dog snacks from Loving Pets are perfect for high-value, long-lasting chewing. You can cut these no-odor dog treats into small pieces for super high-value training treats.

Since 2005, Loving Pets has made your dog's health our priority. That's why our bones, jerky meat strips and other treats contain no preservatives or additives. Made from the highest-quality grass-fed, free-range buffalo available, Pure Buffalo dog snacks come in varieties like:

  • Lung steaks: Pure Buffalo Lung Steaks massage your pet's gums and help control tartar. Deter your canine from destructive chewing and enjoy hours of enjoyment with these buffalo lung steaks.
  • Knuckles: Pure Buffalo Femur Knuckles for dogs are raw, weight-bearing bones considered recreational for your pet. Chewing these doggy treats increases serotonin levels, promotes mental stimulation, massages gums and teeth and clean away tartar buildup and food residue. These benefits prevent gingivitis, cavities, bad breath and plaque formation.
  • Meat strips: All dogs, big and small, love the pleasure of devouring pure meat. Pure Buffalo Jerky Meat Strips for dogs from Loving Pets will provide your four-legged friend with nourishing, healthy and wholesome dog treats. 
  • Braided sticks: Pure Buffalo Braided Bully Sticks give your canine a truly satisfying, long-lasting chew. These bully sticks come from free-range buffalo and are perfect for all breeds and sizes. 
  • Bully sticks: Bully stick dog snacks satisfy chewers of all inclinations and are an easily digestible, single-ingredient chew treat made from beef muscle. They contain no chemicals, flavors or artificial additives. 
  • Bones: At Loving Pets, we carry Pure Buffalo Pressed Bully Bones, Pure Buffalo 14-inch to 16-inch Mammoth Meaty Femur Bones, Pure Buffalo 12-inch to 13-inch Shoulder Bones and two-packs of Pure Buffalo Meaty Femur Bones. 

Bullish® Dog Treats

Bullish® dog treats are a great alternative to traditional bully sticks at a lower cost. These treats have the flavor and scent that dogs crave and are available in 6-inch and 10-inch lengths. Pick up a pack so that your pup can enjoy chewing for hours. Plus they don't have the strong overpowering odor of traditional bully.

Find Top-Quality Dog Bones and Snacks From Loving Pets

Satisfy your dog's desire to chew with bully sticks and Pure Buffalo dog snacks from Loving Pets. Our inventory of high-protein dental chews will keep your pup entertained, promote their health and help with tartar removal. What more could you want from a dog treat?

Our Pure Buffalo jerky meat strips, femur bones and odor-free dog treats are packed chock-full of protein, so your dog can chew for a long time. Order your bully sticks and Pure Buffalo dog treats from Loving Pets online or in-store today