Small-Pack Dog Treats

Giving your dog a new treat is exciting for you both — you get to surprise your pup with a unique flavor, and they get to try something different! When you're serving a new addition to their diet, it's wise to buy small packs of dog treats. Whether it's for a special occasion or you want to test a flavor, our value packs are the perfect options for trying out new treats.

At Loving Pets, we sell small-pack dog treats for pet owners who want to freshen up their treat container and stay within budget. You can reward your dog when they're on their best behavior with dental sticks, pig ears, chicken-wrapped biscuits and more. Our small-portion packs contain delicious flavors your pup will love.

Types of Dog Treat Value Packs

If you're looking for something special for your dog but are unsure if they'll love the flavor, start with our small packaged dog treats. We offer a wide range of options for unique treats, all less than $2 per bag. Enjoy value packs made to fit your budget with treats for any size or breed of dog.

At Loving Pets, we provide a world of flavors and textures for your dog to enjoy. Here are a few examples of our value pack dog treats:

  • Natural ears and bones: Natural treats like pig ears and buffalo shins are great chewing fixes for your dog. Many pet owners like to give these treats as gifts for their dogs, and they can last a long time. With leaner meat and dental health benefits, these treats are the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Dental sticks: Dental treats give your dog a semi-soft, chewy fix to eat once a day. These sticks are great for oral hygiene, with breath-freshening ingredients and gum-massaging shapes. You can start with a value pack to try them out or explore our full range of dental treats.
  • Nuggets and chips: Our varieties of nuggetchip and krisp treats are guilt-free additions to your pup's diet. These treats are crunchy, delicious and say "Good job!" to your furry friend. You can keep your small pack of these treats on hand for special occasions or for praising excellent behavior.  
  • Meat sticks: Meat sticks are a semi-moist, healthy treat for those days when you want your dog to enjoy a longer-lasting snack. With real meat and vitamins to promote healthy joints, these treats put the value in the value pack.
  • Rawhide bones: Rawhide is an effective dental treat because it encourages healthy chewing and massages gums. We offer bonestwistsstrips and sticks in many flavors for hours of activity.

Enjoy Great Value With Small Packaged Dog Treats 

When you buy small packs of dog treats, you get incredible bang for your buck. You can choose from various flavors, sizes and types for your furry friend. For a taste your dog will love and a price you can't beat, try our value packs today!

To find the best value pack of dog treats, you can search by product claims, dog sizes and price range. Explore our other packs or options when you browse our dog treats or bones and chews