Activpetz Dog Treats

Our four legged best friends love going for walks and exploring! From the moment they wake up to the moment they collapse into their fuzzy beds at night, they always seem to be on the go. Their active lifestyle demands nourishment to keep them moving and give them the energy they need. Even if your pup prefers their beauty sleep, our Activpetz Dog Treats will provide them with all the high-quality nutrition and great taste they crave. 

The first ingredient in this treat supplement for dogs is real meat. Our treats have no gluten, soy or corn. They're packed with simple ingredients, giving your dog the best diet to remain strong. Plus, our treats taste so good your dog will be begging to get another one. You can feel confident about feeding your pet our multivitamin dog jerky. 

A Healthy Treat Supplement for Dogs

Pet owners want to know they're feeding their pets the best food and treats, so we made our products with pet owners in mind. We include the vitamins and supplements your dog needs at levels recommended by veterinarians and leave out potentially harmful additives and preservatives. Our products are high in protein, too. 

We pay close attention to the ingredients in our treats. Pet owners want their dogs to get real food, even in treats. Buying from Loving Pets means getting products that don't have a long or complicated ingredient list. Our multivitamin dog jerky will quickly become a favorite in your home. The supplements in these snacks also have many benefits for your dog, such as: 

  • Healthier joints. 
  • Better gut function. 
  • Shinier coat. 
  • Improved immune system. 

Get Your Dog Treats From Loving Pets

As a family-owned small business, Loving Pets works hard to provide our customers with the outstanding products they deserve. With a wide selection of treats made in the USA, and we take an innovative approach to our products. We're always looking for ways to do things differently or better because we know that leads to an improved experience for our customers. Through it all, you and your pet remain our main focus. 

We offer exceptional customer service. If you have questions about our products, we are happy to answer them. We also provide free shipping on orders of more than $49, so it pays to stock up on our multivitamin dog treats. We use beautiful packaging, reflecting the high quality of what's inside. Best of all, your dog will look forward to these treats. Check out your Activpetz options today.