Dog Training Treats

Your puppy is exciting, rewarding and has a lot of love for their new best friend — that's you! Part of introducing your dog to your space and lifestyle is training them. Whether you have a professional trainer or prefer to coach them one-on-one, you may need treats to reinforce your pup's good behaviors.

When you use puppy training treats, you tell your dog, "Good job!" every time they listen to your commands. For young dogs, this positive reinforcement is crucial for helping them understand your words and actions. At Loving Pets, we make small dog training treats to help you and your pup through the process.

The Benefits of Puppy Training Treats

When puppy parents use our training treat packs for their dogs, they enjoy productive sessions. Plus, these treats are delicious. Here are a few reasons to buy dog training treats from Loving Pets:

  • New habit instruction: Treat rewards tell your puppy's brain that they did something well. Using training treats is an effective method to help your dog learn new habits, adjust to strangers and follow commands.
  • Schedule building: Dogs need time to learn how they fit into your daily schedule. Our puppy training treats are great ways to reward your furry friend for following their new agenda.
  • Command repetition: Many dogs continue to improve with commands throughout their lives. Keep a stash of training treats on hand for when your dog continues their good behavior or learns something new.
  • Convenient access: We make our training treat packs with your process in mind. Each Houndations bag comes with a carabiner to attach to your belt loops for easy access during your sessions.
  • Quick reinforcement: Our puppy training treats are bite-sized and soft, so your dog can eat them quickly. Faster eating means more opportunities for reinforcement, which helps your dog build skills.

 Choose Loving Pets for Your Partner in Training

With the right training treats for your dog, you can see exceptional progress. We make our treats small and soft to keep your training moving, with the right ingredients to make your dog happy. Your pup will love the delicious taste of positive reinforcement with every bite of our training treats. 

At Loving Pets, we ensure delicious, effective treats with the best ingredients. Our Houndations training treats are made in the USA for exceptional quality in every pack. Plus, each treat is less than 3 calories, so your puppy won't spoil their appetite.

We offer many different flavors of treats, including beefsalmonchickenlamb and duck. Each treat recipe has a simple ingredient profile that pet owners can understand and dogs will enjoy. You can also try switching flavors while training for a variety of reinforcements. 

When you're working on building your pup's confidence, it's best to keep it simple with small dog training treats. With a recipe you can trust and a taste your puppy will love, Loving Pets treats are your partner in training. To explore your options, browse our various flavors of training treats. If you're interested in more, you can explore our other dog treats or bones and chews