Dog Accessories

Well-cared-for dogs are happy dogs, and we have everything you need to take the best care of your pet. We sell dog accessories that can keep your pet well-fed and your home neat when you use them for every meal. Loving Pets knows you love your dog, and they're part of your family. Our products help you give your furry friend the best care. 

Dog Mats

Mealtimes can be messy for dogs. It's part of their charm, but it can also leave your floors dirty. Avoid the mess by protecting your floor with special products. You can place one of our dog mats on the floor to soak up any spilled food or water. Our mats look great in your home with cute sayings and pictures and will keep your dog's food area tidy.

Slow Feeders for Dogs

Some dogs eat too quickly, which can cause health issues such as choking, vomiting, canine bloating and becoming overweight. If your pup needs to put the breaks on eating, a slow feeder provides the perfect solution. You can also give your dog a slow feeder to: 

  • Occupy them. 
  • Engage their brains. 
  • Help them have fun. 

Dog Treat Canisters

Where should you store all the Loving Pets dog treats you buy? In our cute dog treat canisters, of course! We make sturdy canisters with fun designs perfect for filling with treats. Their stainless steel interior protects treats from bacteria, and the transparent lid lets you see when you're running low on treats and need to order more. 

Buy Dog Accessories From Loving Pets

Loving Pets is an innovative company that makes high-quality dog and cat treats as well as accessories for your pets. Our family-owned business located in Cranbury NJ, sells healthy products, and manufacturers a wide variety of treats right here in USA! Our vision has grown each year, and we continue to expand our selection to give you everything you need to raise a happy, healthy pet. We're the name pet owners trust to deliver the best quality. 

We design our dog accessories to save you time and increase convenience. When you buy from us, you can have complete confidence in the integrity of our products. Everything, from our slow feeders and dog mats to our treat canisters, features beautiful packaging and great attention to detail. When you place an order for more than $49, you receive free shipping. 

Browse our dog accessories and buy your pet something new that they will love today.