About Us

Established in 2005, Loving Pets Corporation focuses on affordable, high quality, all-natural dog and cat treats, as well as decorative stainless steel pet bowls, durable pet feeding dishes and slow feeding accessories. That’s why our founding vision has grown to creating new innovations and healthy alternatives pet owners can trust, and delivering a quality second to none.

Whether you are a dedicated fan of our ever-expanding collections of healthy and high quality treats, bowls, and accessories, or if you are new to Loving Pets, we sincerely appreciate your support and welcome the opportunity to serve you. With innovation at the forefront of our mission, we love to hear from our customers! Please post reviews, stories, photos, etc. or visit our product pages to share new ideas for future expansion.

With deep retail distribution across the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and growing international markets, Loving Pets continues to focus its efforts on healthy, high quality pet treat options. For example, some of our treat lines incorporate vitamins and supplements that are beneficial to pets and the growing number of health-conscience pet owners. Dedicated attention to ingredients, high-quality products and affordability are the standards that set Loving Pets apart from competition.