Pure Piggy

Pure Piggy® Dog Treats 

Natural dog treats are a great way to reward your four-legged friend and keep them occupied. Dog owners are always looking for new ways to serve their pets, especially when it comes to dog treats. Our Pure Piggy chews will keep your dogs happy and entertained.

Pure pig ears are a delicious, dry treat that will provide your pooch with hours of fun. This doggy snack is affordable, has numerous health benefits and comes in several forms so that your pet can enjoy new ways to chew. 

Why Natural Pig Ear Treats Are Great for Dogs 

The benefits of real pig ear treats include:

  • Easy for light chewers: Pure pig pizzle is less tough than other treats, but it's robust enough to last. These treats are perfect for light chewers!
  • Delicious taste: The meaty taste of authentic pork is irresistible to dogs. Pure pig braided pizzle is a win all around because its smell drives dogs wild, but it's unrecognizable to humans. Pig ear dog treats are also free of chemical flavors. 
  • Promotes cleaner teeth: Pure pig ear strips are great for keeping your dog's teeth clean. Pig ears are thicker than other parts of the animal before dehydration, and the drying process only makes them more rigid. To force the treat to soften and reap the rewards, your pup will have to chew constantly. This encouragement will keep teeth clean by scrubbing them of food buildup and plaque. 

Pure Piggy® Dog Treats From Loving Pets

Loving Pets Pure Piggy® all-natural pig ear treats are sourced from healthy, free-range pigs. Excellent for cleaning gums and teeth, these dog chew treats will keep your dog's tail wagging for hours. Choose from pure pig ear treat varieties such as:

Pure pig ears from Loving Pets will drive your pup wild with excitement. Our pig ear dog treats are free of ingredients like:

  • Corn
  • Glycerin
  • Grain
  • Wheat 
  • Gluten
  • Soy

Buy Pure Pig Ear Strips From Loving Pets

Loving Pets stands by our products, and we promise you that you and your dog will love our treats. Our pure pig ear strips are tasty and will help your dog release pent-up energy. 

Give your pooch a robust, chewy treat you feel confident about! Pure Piggy® high-protein treats will improve your pet's oral hygiene, freshen their breath and keep them satisfied for hours.