Pet Food & Water Mats (9 Styles)

If you have an excitable pet that's prone to making a mess in your kitchen, the Pet Food & Water Mats from Loving Pets may be just what you need. Dog food and water bowl mats provide an easy, helpful way to contain messes and spills while your pooch is eating wet or dry dog food. Loving Pets' colorful dog bowl mat is machine washable, making it easy to clean even the toughest messes. The Woof With Multi Paws Fashion Mat is equipped with a no-slip backer that prevents noise and spilling, as well as a loom-woven fabric that absorbs spills. This mat is competitively priced and skid- and slide-resistant, and it provides elegant protection for your floors.

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Cleaning Recommendations for Your Pet's Bowls and Mat

Keeping your floor surfaces clean and dry with a dog bowl mat is just the beginning. So, when should you wash your pet's food or water bowl — and how?

Washing your dog's bowls daily is important to remove potentially harmful bacteria. Try to use the following recommendations based on the type of food, water bowl and mat you use for your pet:

  • Dog bowl with water: Aim to wash your dog's water bowl at least once a day. 
  • Dog bowl with wet food: If you use raw meat or canned food, washing and sanitizing your dog's bowl after every meal is crucial. 
  • Dog bowl with dry food: If you feed with kibble, shoot for a once-a-day wash following your dog's final meal. 
  • Dog mat: Cleaning your dog mat daily is essential, especially if it's the main item protecting your floor from spills. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Dog's Mat

Here are three tips for managing your dog's mat:

  1. Spot clean small spills: When your dog makes a little bit of a mess, cleaning it up quickly is important to prevent bacteria from growing. You can take a warm cloth and wipe the mat to remove the mess.
  2. Clean thoroughly once a week or month: You should regularly deep clean the dog mat to remove any contamination missed by spot cleaning. 
  3. Use a washing machine: Due to the high heat of these machines, you can be sure your dog mat is thoroughly cleaned.

Spruce Up Your Pet's Feeding Station With a Colorful Dog Mat From Loving Pets 

The Woof With Multi Paws Fashion Mat from Loving Pets is an excellent option for dogs that spill as much as they eat or drink. Its no-slip backer will keep dog bowls in place, making messes even less likely. 

When you're trying to contain your pet's mess, dog placemats are a must-have to keep your floor spotless. This mat with paws, which can function with dog water or food bowls, is low-maintenance for cleaning.

Visit us in-store to snag the best fashion mat to serve your dog's favorite meal. Or, order online and feel free to check out our inventory of dog treats and accessories, including bowls and diners, bones and chews, and more. 

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Slide & Skid Resistant, Machine Washable