Bella Spill- Proof Cat Mat- Fish Shaped- Green

Fish-shaped Bella Spill-Proof Cat Mats stylishly prevent splashes and retain spills. Bella Spill-Proof Cat Mats have raised edges for maximum spill capacity, a slip-resistant, fish-scale surface, and anti-skid feet to prevent slips, slides, noise and floor damage. A unique pour spout formed in the tail fin enables easy, controlled pour-off of pet spills. Holds up to THREE bowls! Non-toxic, BPA-free and quality tested. For both indoor and outdoor use. Cleans easily, just rinse with water.

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Bella Mats by Loving Pets

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Bella Spillproof Fish-Shaped Mat for Cats

Life is messy, and having your pet only adds to the fun. Keep your pets’ food and water bowls clean and neat with Bella Spillproof Mats, which stylishly prevents splashes and retains spills. Available in two colors, green and tan, and two sizes, Bella Spillproof Mats have raised edges for maximum spill capacity, a slip-resistant embossed surface, and anti-skid beads to prevent skips, slides, noise, and floor damage. They’re non-toxic, BP-free, and quality-tested for your safety. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use, they clean easily - just rinse with a little water. Order your Bella Spillproof Mat from Loving Pets today!

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