Le Bol Cat - Parisian Gray

Meet the Le Bol Cat bowl, a product that’s a delightful combination of style and function. Available in a charming Parisian gray tone, this bowl presents the easiest way to add a little personality to your favorite feline’s mealtime area. Thoughtfully crafted to stand out, this Parisian gray stainless steel cat bowl has a colorful, glazed interior made from a ceramic-like material. It’s well-suited to match any decor and cleans up beautifully. Just place it in the top rack of your dishwasher, and voila! It’s ready for breakfast, lunch, dinner — or a midnight snack. Pamper your best furry friend with a Le Bol Cat - Parisian Gray food or water bowl from Loving Pets today!

Artistry Comes in Cat Bowl Form

You’ll notice immediately that this Parisian gray stainless steel cat bowl has been lovingly created. Though it’s sturdy enough to hold up to everyday use, it’s anything but ordinary. From the highlighted ribbing along the inner walls to the adorable embossed paw print on the bottom, this bowl offers a dash of artistry along with its practicality.

Want two uniquely colored dishes for your pet’s food and water? Or need separate stainless steel bowls for two or more kitties in the same household? You’re in luck! The Le Bol Cat bowl collection comes in several wonderful shades: lilac, Bordeaux and Seine blue. It’s never been simpler to designate bowls for one cat or select a rainbow of colors for all your purring family members.

Multiple Features and Benefits to Love in One Cat Bowl

The Le Bol Cat - Parisian Gray dish offers more than meets the eye. You’ll appreciate all the details that make this one of our bestselling products:

  • Durability: Cats can be as hard on their bowls as dogs. That’s why the Le Bol Cat - Parisian Gray product is a tough cat bowl. Its stainless steel interior is ideal for eager pets who get a little excited and physical at mealtime.
  • Skid-free engineering: Forget about the mess and noisiness from cat bowls skidding around. The bowl's rubber base gives just enough friction to anchor it to a hard floor surface. The Parisian gray bowl will stay where you put it.
  • Visual appeal: When is a cat bowl more than the sum of its parts? When it’s been made to mimic the elegance of French cookware, of course! This Parisian gray cat water bowl will mesh well with the interior of your home.

Excellent for Gifting: The Le Bol Cat - Parisian Gray Food and Water Bowl

Not sure what to get the cat lover in your life as a special treat for the holidays or another happy occasion? Consider something from the Le Bol Cat collection, like this Parisian gray cat food bowl. Also, be sure to browse our online store for other made-in-the-USA goodies for pets, like our dog treats and cat accessories.

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