Le Bol Cat - Seine Blue

French cuisine is sought after all over the world. The combination of passionate chefs and exquisite cookware has cultivated thousands of delicious dishes that are now staples in houses and restaurants worldwide. Loving Pets' Le Bol Cat series has taken inspiration from French cookware and created the perfect collection of food and water bowls for your cat, including a Seine blue option that will remind you of sunny skies and warm lakes. This tough cat bowl will fit into your home decor effortlessly and provide beauty that both you and your pet can admire on a daily basis.

The Last Bowl Your Cat Will Need

Every inch of our tough Seine blue stainless steel cat bowl is constructed with your family in mind — even if your family means just you and your cat. The stainless steel exterior gives the bowl the durability to survive knocks and drops, while the rubber base keeps it from being too loud. This feature also keeps the bowl in place so that your cat doesn't accidentally knock it over.

Inside, a ceramic-like coating gives the bowl its beautiful blue color, while the overstain glaze effect makes the interior paw and ribbed designs stand out. This Seine blue dish is easy to wash and wipe down, so your pet's space can stay clean after meals. 

Even the design of the bowl is functional. The classic ridges on the walls can warn you that it's nearing time for a refill.

Put Your Cat's Health First

Loving Pets has one priority — making sure your pets are healthy in every way we can. We make our treats with healthy ingredients in the U.S. and ensure our high-quality food and water bowls will offer your cats and dogs a tasty meal.

We've taken special care to ensure the antibacterial interior coating of this Seine blue bowl can help your cat stay healthy. And since it's so durable, our Le Bol Cat - Seine Blue should last for as long as you need it to. You can trust that our products support healthy feeding, and your furry friend will love their new favorite dish.

Order Today From Loving Pets

Blue is a soothing color, which is exactly what your cat should feel when they approach their food or water bowl. Let the Seine blue color lull them into comfort as they eat, drink and lounge near their new favorite bowl or bowls — two of them would make the perfect food and water set!

You can add these tough Seine blue cat bowls to your cart or check out our options in Bordeaux, Parisian gray, Rose or lilac instead. Our variety ensures there's something in our selection to match your home's color scheme and give your cat the luxurious dishes they deserve. You can also benefit from our cat treats and accessories. Buy our Le Bol Cat - Seine Blue dish today!