Health & Wellness FAQ

Are Loving Pets products safe?

Food safety is our single biggest priority. Since opening our doors in 2005 we have been committed to the health and safety of our loving companions and pet owners. Our pets are our family. Food safety and quality are our promise to both them and you.

Our products meet and exceed the highest of safety and quality standards -- not just for pets, but also for the pet parents that handle them. At Loving Pets, we always aim to exceed the industry standard when it comes to safety and quality. We are an FDA registered facility, and as you would normally find with other businesses that produce Pet food, the FDA and USDA have conducted standard routine inspections.

We are part of an exclusive segment of pet product manufacturers that has achieved SQF certification, a leading, global food safety, and quality certification and management standard. To achieve SQF certification, our facility, manufacturing practices, procedures, and protocols are examined by an independent third-party company. SQF is benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI recognizes food safety standards through a meticulous and renowned safety and quality auditing protocol. The SQF Standard is not a requirement to sell/manufacture pet products,  it is our promise to you and your pet that we are committed to going above and beyond to deliver food safety and quality.

We are very proud to announce that Loving Pets Products scored a 97 on an unannounced and comprehensive SQF audit conducted In May 2021.

Here are a few examples demonstrating our safety and quality commitment to you and your pet:

  • We implement allergen preventive controls to assure that food allergens in ingredients and final products are labeled and stored correctly within our facility and that cross-contamination during processing cannot occur; 
  • We implement sanitation preventive controls to sanitize surfaces, prevent microbial and chemical cross-contamination, and monitoring for environmental pathogens;
  • Loving Pets implements supply chain controls which include inspecting for the presence of a certificate of analysis (COA) with each shipment, site visits for assuring conformance with food safety standards, or results from third party audits;
  • Loving Pets incorporates a full pest control program around our entire facility;
  • Every one of our manufacturing lines is inspected hourly
  • Loving Pets employees must wear hair nets, gloves, smocks, and remove personal jewelry or loose items that could fall into the food supply;
  • We inspect and sanitize every touchpoint throughout our facility to prevent contaminants;
  • Our metal detectors are tested and verified for accuracy every hour;

We are wholly committed to investigating any claim that our products have not met the strictest of quality and safety standards. Learn how to notify us about a safety issue or concern.

Are Loving Pets products made in the USA?

Honesty, integrity, and transparency are in our DNA. As pet owners ourselves, we are committed to providing our furry friends (and their human parents) with the highest quality and standards in both ingredient sourcing and manufacturing. Since 2009, we manufacture and source the majority of our ingredients in and from the United States. Realistically, not all ingredients can be found in the United States. An example ingredient which must be sourced outside the US is banana, which we source from South America. In these cases, we source ingredients from top providers in other countries, all meeting the strictest standards in quality control and regulation. 

In 2009 Loving Pets decided to enter the manufacturing realm to have more focus on health, safety, and wellness in the pet treat segment.  At that time there were reports of products that originated from overseas and concerns about the safety of those products.  Anything that Loving Pets makes in the USA bears the American Flag and it clearly states Made in the USA.  The original foundation of our company was based on some commonly found products in the pet marketplace as well as hard goods items.  With those being some of the oldest items in our assortment, some of those are not made in the USA. However, this smaller portion of our products undergo thorough testing in the USA to the same degree as anything made at our facility.

All products bearing the American Flag  are formulated, manufactured, and tested in the United States by a US company, under the highest standard of quality.

How are Loving Pets products tested?

Loving Pets believes in the most thorough testing protocol and operations. We believe our loving companions should only be given the very best. 

Our comprehensive testing procedures include:

  • Hazard / Risk Assessment - we create a unique hazard analysis and risk assessment for each product. Samples are taken directly from the production line and sent off to a third-party lab for analysis. Each product is tested for both specific and general hazards; 
  • Traceability Systems - we practice complete traceability for all ingredients and at each stage in the manufacturing process;
  • Water Activity Testing - we maximize product quality and nutrition while keeping the products safe from microbes and mold;
  • Supply Chain Management - we require all incoming ingredients/products to have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to show that the item was independently tested for quality;
  • Allergen Testing- we implement allergen diagnostic, testing, and cleaning procedures at all steps in the food manufacturing process;
  • Inbound Testing - we conduct random external lab testing (in addition to COA requirements) for products or materials entering our production line in order to confirm the accuracy of the COA results;
  • Outbound Testing - any product leaving our facility is subject to independent third-party laboratory testing;
  • Environmental Monitoring - we conduct thorough testing of microbiological samples of food and non-food contact surfaces to ensure the presence of no environmental pathogens;

How can I report an issue with a Loving Pets product?

It is our responsibility and duty to ensure our products meet the highest level of quality and safety standards. Your pet deserves nothing less. If you would like to report an issue with health, safety, or quality standards, please email with the following information:

  • A description of the issue
  • The product or item used by your pet
  • The product lot code
  • Where the product in question was purchased or distributed from
  • Your name, location (city/state), and contact information