Le Bol Cat - Bordeaux

Inspired by the beauty of elegant French cookware, our durable Le Bols are feeding dishes that your cat will love. Le Bol Cat food and water bowls take the best aspects of French cookware and deliver them to your home for the benefit of your pet — one of the most important members of your family. Ribbed walls make it easy for you to tell when your cat needs a refill, and the embossed paw on the bottom shows your cat that this bowl is for them. Your pet will surely prefer eating and drinking from this Le Bol Cat - Bordeaux dish.

Enhanced Beauty and Durability

The Bordeaux cat food bowl is a reliable container crafted with various high-quality materials. The exterior sides of the bowl are strong stainless steel. Inside, the smooth, ceramic-like material adds a deep Bordeaux color, which resembles the deep red wines of France, to match your home decor. This dish is easy to wash and wipe down, so your pet's space can stay clean after meals. 

The base of the Bordeaux stainless steel cat bowl is covered in rubber. This rubber will grip the surface of most non-carpeted floors and prevent the bowl from moving around while your cat is eating, drinking or playing near it. This feature also keeps the noise level to a minimum.

Whenever your tough cat bowl needs a good wash, it cleans easily. These rugged dishes can be easily hand washed, giving you some extra time to pamper your favorite furry friend.

Our Pet-Friendly Promise

At Loving Pets, our top priority is to help you take the best care of your pets. We ensure that every item we put in our online catalog is made with your cat or dog in mind, and that commitment goes well beyond the foods you put in their bowl. We believe the dishes you use can affect your pet's health, too.

The ceramic-like coating on the bowl's interior is for more than looking pretty. It's also bacteria-resistant, keeping your kitty feeling their best. And due to its durable construction, this beautiful cat bowl is built to last! 

Treat Your Cat Today at Loving Pets

Make sure your cat knows they're living a life of luxury by giving them a Bordeaux cat food / water bowl. While your pet may not be able to thank you for buying these dishes, you can feel confident they appreciate your thoughtfulness every time they use them.

Is Bordeaux not your style? Le Bol Cat dishes come in various colors to ensure there's one to match whatever look you're going for. Explore our cat bowls with colors like scenic Seine blue, lovely lilac and Parisian gray and buy an option your pet will love!