Bella Roma - Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls - Single & Double Diners - 2 Colors - 3 Sizes


- Collapsible design makes it quick and easy to fold away compactly during travel or while in storage 

- Built-in folding legs provide support while your pet is eating or drinking, preventing the bowl from tipping or spilling

- Conveniently store dry food or treats while on the go with the integrated locking lids

- Dishwasher safe and made out of BPA-free silicone for easy cleanup

- Includes travel-friendly carabiner that can clip onto anything, from your belt loop to your backpack

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Bella Roma Travel Bowls & Diners by Loving Pets

Traveling with your beloved furry friend is easy when you have a collapsible travel bowl for dogs. Loving Pets offers the perfect option for water and food bowls while on the road. Our Bella Roma Travel Bowls are essential, whether you're embarking on a day- or week-long trip.

The bowls have several features that make them the ultimate necessity for pets and their owners on the go. The collapsible bowls come with a free carabiner to hook onto a bag, leash or belt loop for easy access and storage. The dog food and water travel bowls with a locking lid makes it ideal for storing dry food. When you open the bowls to give water to or feed your pet, the lid converts to legs to make the dishes stand.

The travel double diner with legs for dogs is sturdy and helps your dog eat and drink easier. Once your dog finishes eating and drinking, you can make the bowls compact again and continue traveling. In addition to our double diner, we carry Bella Roma Travel Single Bowl if you prefer a collapsible single bowl for even a lighter trip. Our travel bowls are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

Whatever bowls you choose, you and your dog will enjoy traveling with them.

Why Choose Loving Pets?

Our Bella Roma Blue Travel Double Diner for dogs is the perfect choice whenever you're traveling with your pup. At Loving Pets, our goal is to provide the highest quality products for pets. We offer innovative accessories and treats made in the USA for cats, dogs and fish. The Loving Pets team is full of pet owners, so we understand the importance of finding ways to keep your animals happy and healthy.

Loving Pets' mission is to offer helpful resources to make pet ownership educational, fun and affordable. Our knowledgeable staff can help you whenever you have a question or need advice about a product. Let Loving Pets become your go-to source for quality pet accessories and tasty treats.

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Make traveling with your pet easy by purchasing a Bella Roma Blue Travel Double Diner for dogs. You and your pup will appreciate the ease of the bowls while using them or when packed away.

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Product Facts:
Collapsible, Built in Feet, Free Carabiner, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free