Fish and Aquarium Filters, Food and Supplies 

Find everything you need to take care of your aquarium or pond on this page from Loving Pets. Every fish needs a tank to call home, and whether you have a blue tang or a betta, you can find the rights essentials and aquatic products to fit your pet's needs with us. 

Discover water care tools and premium fish supplies to help your aquatic friends. Our top-quality aquatic water treatments will keep any aquarium clean, while our aquatic carbon pellets will clear your tank of foul odors, discoloration and toxic organic substances. 

Aquatic Water Treatments 

We have everything you need to treat your tank water and keep it crystal clear, including our Acurel® Wave Fish Kit, the perfect tool to help you start and maintain your aquarium. Ensure your fish are healthy, happy and vibrant with water treatments such as:

  • Acurel E Pond Clarifier.
  • Acurel F Water Clarifier.
  • African Cichlid Salt.
  • Acurel Knockout IP - Parasite Remedy.
  • Acurel Knockout BF - Bacteria & Fungal Remedy.
  • Acurel Healthguard.
  • Acurel Bodyguard RX.
  • Acurel Bodyguard Plus.
  • Acurel Absorptol.
  • Ammonia Away Green - Ammonia Remover.

Aquatic Filter Pads

We carry Acurel pond filter media pads perfect for prolonging the life of your filter. Our aquatic filter pads can be cut to size for smaller filters and fit all 12-inch by 12-inch pond filters. 

Mechanical filter media removes dust, uneaten food, sludge, fish excrement and other articles from your aquarium. These particles are strained out when aquarium water passes through the mechanical filter media. 

Aquatic Carbon Pellets

Carbon is a versatile media for your filtration system. Carbon is the building block of life and should always find its way into your aquarium. 

When used in an aquarium application, carbon is capable of many things as a form of chemical filtration. It helps remove inorganics, organics, medications, discoloration and odors from the water. It also polishes the water, therefore helping your aquarium stay clear. Carbon is adept at eliminating particles at the microscopic level, and even the finest of filter pads still have larger pores than carbon. To prevent carbon from prematurely clogging up, make sure to use a filter pad. 

Loving Pets has several Acurel carbon pellets and high-quality granular carbon to choose from, including Economy Activated Filter Carbon Pellets, Premium Activated Filter Carbon, Extreme Activated Carbon Pellets, and our Activated Carbon Pellets and Ammonia Away Green Blend. 

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Our knowledgeable staff is just as passionate about pets as you are and will ensure you're getting valuable information that will keep your pet at their happiest and healthiest. 

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