Acurel® Coarse Pond Media Pad Combo Pack

The 12-inch by 12-inch Acurel® Pond Clog Resistant Coarse Combo Pack is perfect for quickly improving the water environment for your fish by reducing free-floating pollutants and particles associated with overcrowding, overfeeding and waste. A filter will remove the toxic buildup of nitrates and ammonia and aerate the water so your fish can breathe.

Keep Your Pond Clean, Clear and Healthy With Our Coarse Pond Media Pad 

The Acurel® Pond Clog Resistant Coarse Combo Pack from Loving Pets comes with one coarse pond filter infused with carbon and one coarse polyester filter to keep your pond clean. 

These 12-inch by 12-inch pond filter media pads have several benefits for your pond. The coarse, carbon-infused pads from Acurel® will:

  • Keep your aquarium and pond environment free of debris.
  • Improve water quality
  • Remove harmful pollutants, toxins, and fish waste
  • Maintain a highly oxygenated water flow for your fish and aquatic plants by reducing potential channeling or clogging. 

Pond Filter Media Pad Features

The Acurel® Pond Clog Resistant Coarse Combo Pack features long-lasting polyester fiber material that's more rigid and up to twice as thick as competing pads. These attributes allow the pads to filter more effectively, hold their shape longer and fit tighter than other varieties. 

You can cut these pond filters to fit any pond or aquarium filtration unit, including wet/dry filters, internal filters, top filters, canister filters and hang-on filters. Using filter media in fresh and saltwater ponds or aquariums can help keep your water clean. 

The Acurel® Pond Clog Resistant Coarse Combo Pack out-performs other pads, resists clogging and promotes a healthy pond or aquarium environment. 

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Maintain Fish Health and Improve Water Quality With the Acurel® Coarse Pond Media Pad Combo Pack

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