Acurel Absorptol

$3.99 - $5.99

Available exclusively from Acurel.Absorptol provides fish faster, more effective delivery and absorption of vitamins, nutrients, medications and supplements. Preparing the aquarium with Absorptol before administering treatments to control parasites, bacteria or fungus, will result in greater success and shorter healing time for the fish. Absorptol is available packaged separately and is also an integral ingredient in our entire Guard family of products.Absorptol will not harm the fish's slime coat and is safe for all fresh and saltwater fish, invertebrates and plants. For ornamental fish only.Absorptol is 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.

To use: Absorptol is super concentrated. Just add 2 drops per gallon or 1 teaspoon for every 50 gallons of aquarium water. After adding Absorptol, add the medication, supplement, nutrient or vitamin directly to the aquarium as you would normally. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, adding Absorptol each time prior to treatment. Continue this treatment method until the desired results are achieved.

Product Facts: