Water Treatments

Water Treatment and Clarifier Products 

An aquarium relies on good bacteria to convert chemicals into less toxic materials that can be eliminated through regular maintenance. When you first set up your aquarium, you'll need to foster the growth of a delicately balanced ecosystem that relies on good bacteria. 

After completing a cycling process, which can take anywhere from three to seven weeks, it's important to ensure you're taking proper care of your aquarium water so your fish can thrive. 

Here at Loving Pets, we offer pond clarifiers, fish tank clarifiers, and other products for your fish tank, such as aquatic bacterial and fungal remedies, aquatic parasite remedies and aquatic ammonia remover. 

Why Use Fish Tank Water Treatment? 

Fish need unsullied, chemically balanced water to flourish. Loving Pets offers the following water treatment products and remedies for your pond or home aquarium:

Aquatic Bacterial and Fungal Remedy

Acurel® Knockout BF - Bacteria & Fungal Remedy is the solution for fungal and bacterial disease in your aquarium. Acurel Knockout BF works for all reef, saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Aquatic Parasite Remedy

Aquatic parasite remedies such as our Acurel Knockout IP - Parasite Remedy act fast and aggressively to halt and treat parasites and white spot disease (ICH) in your home aquarium. The product uses natural oils to eliminate infestations related to fish disease. 

Aquatic Ammonia Remover 

Elevated ammonia in your tank must be addressed immediately to protect your fish's health. Until the biological colonies that convert harmful toxins grow sufficiently to convert all of the ammonia in your aquarium, the fish are at risk.

Aquatic ammonia remover helps you mitigate these risks quickly and efficiently. 

Acurel Water Clarifier Products for Your Pond or Aquarium

Loving Pets carries water clarifiers for your pond or aquarium. Whether you need to keep your pond water sparkling clear with Acurel E Pond Clarifier or want to clear polluted water in your aquarium within hours of application, you can find it with us. Water clarifier products clear cloudy water in your tank caused by minute suspended particles such as gravel dust and overfeeding. 

Environmentally friendly and effective for all freshwater plants and fish, Acurel F Water Clarifier works by causing small particles to clump together quickly. Afterward, these particles are removed during regular power filter operation. The water clarifier is easy to use, fast-acting and the preferred choice of professionals for keeping tank water crystal clear. 

Our Acurel E Pond Clarifier organically and successfully clears contaminated, murky, green and cloudy pond water. Acurel E is made from renewable resources and is designed for animals, plants and fish. The product is made in the USA and can treat ponds up to 19,000 gallons.

Find All the Products You Need for Your Fish Tank at Loving Pets 

Ensure your tank is immaculate and your fish happy and healthy with water treatment products from Loving Pets. For other aquarium necessities such as filter pads and carbon pellets, feel free to peruse our online inventory — or visit us at a store near you — today!