Pond and Aquarium Filter Pads 

Tank filters and filter pads are essential pieces of equipment for your tank. Depending on the type of filter, it can be responsible for filtering out dissolved and solid waste products or cultivating a colony of good bacteria to help maintain the nitrogen cycle. 

As a top supplier for pet accessories across the U.S., the United Kingdom, Canada and international markets, Loving Pets offers water filter pads for your pond or aquarium, as well as various media pads and nitrate remover pads. 

Loving Pets Is Your One-Stop Shop for Pond or Aquarium Products 

At Loving Pets, you'll find the following filter media and other aquatic products for fish tanks from leading manufacturers:

  • Carbon-infused media pads: Our Acurel® Carbon-Infused Media Pads effectively remove harmful pollutants, improve water quality, maintain and improve fish health, and remove fish waste, pollutants, toxins, odors and water discoloration. 
  • Aquatic carbon filter pads: These pads are infused with carbon media to effectively pull harmful contaminants from your pond or aquarium.
  • Coarse polyester and coarse carbon-infused pond filter media pad combo pack: Our Filter Media Pad Combo Pack will help you improve the water quality of your tank and maintain fish health. 
  • Phosphate-infused water filter: Avoid potential algae outbreaks with our Phosphate-Infused Water Filters made with long-lasting poly fiber material. 
  • Ammonia-infused water filter: Our Acurel Ammonia Reducing Pads are infused with particles that extricate harmful ammonia from your aquarium or pond water.
  • Nitrate remover pad: Maintain appropriate nitrate levels in your pond or aquarium water with Acurel Nitrate Reducing Media Pads.

How Often Should I Clean My Water Filter? 

If you want to ensure your tank is maintained and running properly, you'll need to include your aquarium filter in your routine cleaning schedule. Important things to consider are debris and contaminants present in the filter or water. It's crucial that you do some research on how often you should clean your water filter, as the requirements differ based on the type you have. 

Cleaning Tips for Aquarium Filters 

When cleaning your tank filter, you want to remove rotting organic material and accumulated debris while being mindful of keeping just the right amount of beneficial bacteria.  

Avoid using any bleach, soap or hot water when cleaning your filter, as these may damage your biological filtration system. 

Order Water Filters and Pads for Your Fish at Loving Pets 

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